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    I am the wife of an active duty Marine and the mother to a spunky little 1 year old girl named Loralei. Currently I live in Yuma, where my husband is stationed and I am a SAHM.


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    Yuma, AZ 85365


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    Walking,reading, Scrap-booking, entertaining, shopping


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  1. Hello usmcmrs, it good seeing you around. Come join right in and we can support one another.


  2. Welcome, looking forward to getting to know you....
  3. Welcome, looking forward to getting to know you
  4. Welcome Cheryl. I'm a Marie wife and mother to a spunky, growing, fearlessly curious three year old little girl named Loralei; and a happy, cuddly, soon to be one year old little boy with a killer smile named Benjamin. We are currently stationed in Milford, MA, our home town is Phoenix, AZ. Looking forward to getting to know you better... Where else have you been stationed and what was your favorite Duty Station thus far?
  5. I am so sorry you are going through this especially being pregnant, like you said, you don't need the added stress. A friend of mine is also going through something similar.I know you said he was looking at girls who were 17 and 18 and these days those girls are made to look older than that, I guess I see a difference between a girl who is legal or very close and a girl who is 14, 15, 10, etc. I'm sure I'll get slammed on that, but now a days I have trouble telling a 16 year old from a 20 year old, and it's sad that young girls and trying to look prevocative, and I could see a man having a hard time distinguishing between the two, but it's different than if they purposely go after that age, in that case, I'd be very concerned. Do you know if it was a conscious decision to look at that age group, or just a fluke? My friend's husband doesn't think it's a big deal and he thinks all men do it, and well he has other issues such a masturbating in public and he thinks that's normal as well. I called Focus on the Family in her behalf and got some titles on books that deal with pornography and they are available to talk too. Not sure if you'd be interested in that or not. The other thing that concerned me was his response that "he said he was not free to struggle with temptations like other people are free to do with me" That sounds like he is blaming you for his actions to me, and it doesn't make any sense to me either. My friends husband tries to blame her too, he says he does the masturbating in public thing because he like s to think about other women and he can't do that at home because she would be trying to control his thoughts.....no sense in that either. I think until he can admit that this is a problem and that it's his problem and not yours, you're going to get more responses like this. He probably said that as a defense because he feels guilty. I'd try to get into counseling if I were you, it may be that your feeling to cut and run is because you want to be back home, then again, if he was looking for underage girls on purpose, well that's another issue. Good luck to you, we will be praying for you.
  6. Hello Krystal, nice to have you aboard, I'm also a Military wife, and I think by your name and location I'm going to guess you're a Marine wife like me? We are stationed in Massachusetts and have two children. My daughter will be 3 in two more weeks and my son will turn one by the end of October. Looking forward to chatting with you on here and getting to know you.
  7. Well I'm glad you finally got to land ( even temporarily) in California since it has been your dream to live there, and I'm even more glad that it's living up to your expectations. Happy 4th of July!
  8. I don;t think it's at all weird to have two middle names. I wanted my daughter to have two middle names and I decided to not fight my husband on it. My cousins all have two middle names too. I love the name you are thinking of now, Cali Lyn James...and I never do this, but when I look at it all together like that it almost reminds me of a name of a girl I had when I was teaching and her name was Cailyn (pronounced Kay-Lyn). Just thought I would share that as you would have the cali ( almost) and the Lyn... Love the name you picked, very unique but not to the point where she could be made fun of. Do your other children have names that reflect where they were born?
  9. Congratulations! Any names? I ask about names cause I love hearing baby names, but I understand if you don't have any yet, or don't share the names before baby is given it. Hope you are feeling well.
  10. So sorry to hear this. Will be praying for you and your family.
  11. When my brother was an active duty Marine he was stationed in Hawaii and I hear lots of good things about Okinawa. Many of our friends are presently stationed there right now. What are their jobs?
  12. Welcome Carole, glad you found the site, and I'm sure with 10 kids, you certainly would be able to help out a lot with advice. I read your post under the diaper question and yes, my other half is a Marine. This last year we've been forced into the dreaded recruiting job and you can tell your sons, it's as bad as they've heard. But, we've also had many blessings this last year too. I have a almost two year old daughter and a 7 month old son. We've been stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA and Yuma, AZ, and now we are here in Massachusetts. Looking forward to getting to know you.
  13. My husband was given 10 days off when our first child was born. He had previous baby experience I had none. If I had even looked at a baby it would invoke an hour long speech from my mother on how babies are hard work and they needed things I couldn't give them ( cause I guess she thought saying "that baby is cute" meant " I want one") . He changed all the diapers. By day 8 I was saying to him " you need to let me try a change a diaper, cause you are going back to work soon and I'll be on my own!"
  14. Glad you arrived safely and had a nice trip and are liking where you live. Good to hear from you. i'll pray for you..and the rabbits...LOL!!

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