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  1. Welcome, looking forward to getting to know you....
  2. Welcome, looking forward to getting to know you
  3. Welcome Cheryl. I'm a Marie wife and mother to a spunky, growing, fearlessly curious three year old little girl named Loralei; and a happy, cuddly, soon to be one year old little boy with a killer smile named Benjamin. We are currently stationed in Milford, MA, our home town is Phoenix, AZ. Looking forward to getting to know you better... Where else have you been stationed and what was your favorite Duty Station thus far?
  4. I am so sorry you are going through this especially being pregnant, like you said, you don't need the added stress. A friend of mine is also going through something similar.I know you said he was looking at girls who were 17 and 18 and these days those girls are made to look older than that, I guess I see a difference between a girl who is legal or very close and a girl who is 14, 15, 10, etc. I'm sure I'll get slammed on that, but now a days I have trouble telling a 16 year old from a 20 year old, and it's sad that young girls and trying to look prevocative, and I could see a man having a hard time distinguishing between the two, but it's different than if they purposely go after that age, in that case, I'd be very concerned. Do you know if it was a conscious decision to look at that age group, or just a fluke? My friend's husband doesn't think it's a big deal and he thinks all men do it, and well he has other issues such a masturbating in public and he thinks that's normal as well. I called Focus on the Family in her behalf and got some titles on books that deal with pornography and they are available to talk too. Not sure if you'd be interested in that or not. The other thing that concerned me was his response that "he said he was not free to struggle with temptations like other people are free to do with me" That sounds like he is blaming you for his actions to me, and it doesn't make any sense to me either. My friends husband tries to blame her too, he says he does the masturbating in public thing because he like s to think about other women and he can't do that at home because she would be trying to control his thoughts.....no sense in that either. I think until he can admit that this is a problem and that it's his problem and not yours, you're going to get more responses like this. He probably said that as a defense because he feels guilty. I'd try to get into counseling if I were you, it may be that your feeling to cut and run is because you want to be back home, then again, if he was looking for underage girls on purpose, well that's another issue. Good luck to you, we will be praying for you.
  5. Hello Krystal, nice to have you aboard, I'm also a Military wife, and I think by your name and location I'm going to guess you're a Marine wife like me? We are stationed in Massachusetts and have two children. My daughter will be 3 in two more weeks and my son will turn one by the end of October. Looking forward to chatting with you on here and getting to know you.
  6. Well I'm glad you finally got to land ( even temporarily) in California since it has been your dream to live there, and I'm even more glad that it's living up to your expectations. Happy 4th of July!
  7. I don;t think it's at all weird to have two middle names. I wanted my daughter to have two middle names and I decided to not fight my husband on it. My cousins all have two middle names too. I love the name you are thinking of now, Cali Lyn James...and I never do this, but when I look at it all together like that it almost reminds me of a name of a girl I had when I was teaching and her name was Cailyn (pronounced Kay-Lyn). Just thought I would share that as you would have the cali ( almost) and the Lyn... Love the name you picked, very unique but not to the point where she could be made fun of. Do your other children have names that reflect where they were born?
  8. Congratulations! Any names? I ask about names cause I love hearing baby names, but I understand if you don't have any yet, or don't share the names before baby is given it. Hope you are feeling well.
  9. So sorry to hear this. Will be praying for you and your family.
  10. When my brother was an active duty Marine he was stationed in Hawaii and I hear lots of good things about Okinawa. Many of our friends are presently stationed there right now. What are their jobs?
  11. Welcome Carole, glad you found the site, and I'm sure with 10 kids, you certainly would be able to help out a lot with advice. I read your post under the diaper question and yes, my other half is a Marine. This last year we've been forced into the dreaded recruiting job and you can tell your sons, it's as bad as they've heard. But, we've also had many blessings this last year too. I have a almost two year old daughter and a 7 month old son. We've been stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA and Yuma, AZ, and now we are here in Massachusetts. Looking forward to getting to know you.
  12. My husband was given 10 days off when our first child was born. He had previous baby experience I had none. If I had even looked at a baby it would invoke an hour long speech from my mother on how babies are hard work and they needed things I couldn't give them ( cause I guess she thought saying "that baby is cute" meant " I want one") . He changed all the diapers. By day 8 I was saying to him " you need to let me try a change a diaper, cause you are going back to work soon and I'll be on my own!"
  13. Glad you arrived safely and had a nice trip and are liking where you live. Good to hear from you. i'll pray for you..and the rabbits...LOL!!
  14. There was a set of sextuplets born in AZ and the news of course made a bog deal about it and they did the news shows. They were going on one show, not sure which one, but the wife said the husband, just the day before, changed one of the kids diapers for the first time, just so he could say he did it. Otherwise momma changes every single diaper for those six kids, and I think they might have been six months old at the time! I couldn't imagine! I am so thankful to have a helpful husband.
  15. I'll be praying for you. I was about 20 weeks pregnant last year when we moved across country, so I know what you're in for! I know it's a lot to do, but it's also exciting! I'll also be praying that your new place is better than your last. God Bless!
  16. Glad everything wasn't as bad as it could have been. Those are really scary symptoms.
  17. I know exactly how you feel. Last June we moved across country away from all our friends and family and before we moved I found out I was pregnant with my second child. To make matters worse, the job my husband had to do keeps him out of the house a lot. He's gone 7 am until 8 or 9 pm, sometimes later ( he once stumbled in at 2 am) and even Saturdays and some Sundays he is made to work. My husband is an active Duty Marine and so we move a lot, never this far away from friends and family though. Usually when we move it's to another base so, while it's a struggle to get out and get to know people, I still know what programs to look for and where to go for help. This time, we are not anywhere near a base and I felt like I was staring over. But, I can say this, things worked or are working out, okay. When I was pregnant and still getting used to my husband's hours I never thought I'd be able to make it once my son was born. He's almost six months old now and he's perfect. God blessed me with an easy going baby and I've learned how to get out there and make friends. I know you said you tried church, have you tried any playgroups or story times? when I first arrived here, i did a gogle search for playgroups and that's how I found the one we attend on Thursdays. I haven't met any long time friends, but it's still nice to go and talk to grown-ups for a change. I also visited my library and asked about children's programs and playgroups and they had a lot of information. Maybe you could open your home to use as a playgroup and invite other mothers. I know you said most of the community is already familiar with one another, but reach out, ask them what types of things they do with their children, what events their kids like to attend, where a good place to eat with kids is, or out on a date. Find out if anyone shares the same interests as you such as reading, or crafting, cooking, sports, etc.. I've found ( for me) it only takes one person to have to talk to and do things with that makes a big difference. I've also found, wether on the base or not, that it can take some time to find this person. Whenever I go to the park I strike up conversations with the other mothers about pre schools, and where they take their kids on rainy days or other parks. I've been here a year ( almost) and just last week I found the rare combo where not only do your kids really like each other but the other mother is someone who you'd really enjoy talking with. Where are you living now, maybe someone on here is in your neck of the woods wanting a friend too? You never know. Just keep your head up, it will get better.
  18. Target and a bubble purchase for me too, along with sidewalk chalk. No, the lady knew we would share. Two of the girls were at my house ( well area) playing with my daughter and the water table for over an hour. They were all hanging out together and using the sidewalk chalk and helping me get the table ready for the water and she let them play in the water once I sat down for three minutes, so, the issue wasn't one of confusion over wether they could play. I will say there is a language barrier, and where she was a baby sitter and not momma ( who did let them play an hour on Sunday) she could have been being cautious, but then again, she could have just told them not to come over to begin with. who knows.
  19. We went to playgroup this morning and then the library. Next we went home to have lunch and they we ran errands to Target, JCPenney, The Children's Place, and I still need to hit the grocery store but I;d rather do that without the kids. With Loralei being 2 and Benjamin 5 months, she's usually in the cart's seat and he's in the carriage part, so there is no room for groceries. We got home by 6 and had dinner and now I'm waiting for my husband to call so we can go get him. Yesterday, my daughter had some girls come over to our part of the yard ( we are in an apartment and it's an open area) and so she wanted to go out and play. I let her go and I got out her Pirate water table and took the time to fill it with water, dragged the baby and his "command center" outside, sat down to watch them and the girl's baby sitter ( who was watching me do all this work) told them they had to go inside and couldn't play. My daughter was crushed. She was outside crying " oh no, the kids are gone, where'd they go?". It was pretty sad.
  20. I think the issue of struggling socially isn't such a big deal nowadays. There are huge homeschool programs out there. The children can interact with other home schooled children, they usually do field trips together and occasionally cooperative learning. The kids also get practice with social interaction if they enter sports or arts or dance, etc..Boy scouts/girl scouts. Church is a major way for them to gain social interaction. I've heard that once children are old enough, some will accompany a parent to work and see what the parent does. A lot of home schooled kids are said to be able to communicate more effectively with adults as they've had more practice and they make eye contact and are able to converse with adults better as well. Of course there are many who don't get these experiences, because, I think, like heather, that their parents are trying to shield them from everything worldly and these are the children who often have trouble once they are older. But there are many parents like the ones that diamondring has talked about, they just don't like what their children are exposed to in schools and they'd like to teach their children from home. Not to mention, like you said heather, the kids who are home schooled get better one on one instruction and have their learning style catered to. SO, like any school, homeschool can be good, it's all in how you run it. If you try to keep your kids shut away from everything, there's going to be trouble, but you can still home school your kids and have kids who can successfully interact with others socially.
  21. Actually I hadn't made a Decision on wether my kids would participate, they aren't school aged yet. And I don't feel like you are putting me down at all. You made some good points. I agree, I don't think Jesus would have stayed back either. I'm not sure what he would have done, I can only imagine he would have went and preached the gospel, but we know where that would get our kids these days. And I suppose I would let my kids go and not participate as long as the whole day wasn't dedicated to why the other kids were silent and talks about abuse against Gays. But, I still feel it shouldn't be in the public schools, it really has no place there. Society makes such a big stink if a kid wants to pray in school or have a bible study on the campus, but this, okay, lets honor what the homosexuals want... I don't like that at all.
  22. I don' think it's necessarily hiding, I think it's refusing to participate in something that we do not agree with or want our kids exposed to. Kids will eventually learn that there are people who are gay and I'm not saying we are shielding them from that, but like Diamondring brought up, the Lesbian and gay community is working very hard to get into your child's classroom and get to them early in life to try to mold them and in a way brainwash them. For example, here is Massachusetts at one of my husband's schools they are not allowed to say the pledge of allegiance or study certain pieces of American History, but they do have a whole month dedicated to Gay/Lesbian/transgendered studies. That's not even necessary. There was once an article in a publication called Gay Community News written by Michael Swift. It's in Dr. Dobson's book titled Brining up Boys but it was also read and submitted into the Congressional record. This is an excerpt from it as it appears in Dr. Dobson's book.... "We Shall sodomize your sons, emblems of your feeble masculinity, of your shallow dreams and vulgar lies. We shall seduce them in their schools, in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in your locker rooms, in your sports arenas, in your seminaries, in your youth groups, in your movie theatre bathrooms, in your army bunkhouse, in your truck stops, in your all-male clubs, in your houses of Congress, wherever men are with men together. Your sons will become our minions and do our bidding. They will be recast in our image. They will come to crave and adore us. All laws banning homosexuality will be revoked. Instead legislation shall be passed which engenders love between men. All homosexuals must stand together as brothers; we must be united artistically, philosophically, socially, politically, and financially. We will triumph only when we present a common face to the vicious heterosexual enemy. The family unit-spawning ground of lies, betrayals, mediocrity, hypocrisy, and violence-will be abolished. The family unit, which only dampens imagination and curbs free will , must be eliminated. Perfect boys will be conceived and grown in the genetic laboratory. They will be bonded together in a communal setting, under the control and instruction of homosexual savants" There is more but it just gets worse. Let me be clear. I agree with you heather when you have said before that homosexuality is a sin and so is being over weight and countless other things and I don't hate gay people or wish any harm to them or certainly do I think it is okay for them to be abused or anyone to be abused based on gender, sexual orientation, race, or beliefs. However, I do not agree with them trying to get into the public schools and trying to get to children. If and when Christians decide to tell their children what the Christian beliefs are of homosexuality or they refuse to let their children participate in activities such as this, we are usually accused of hiding or not being "tolerant" ( I hate this word) when really we are just choosing to tell our children what we believe and to stand up for it. If they decided to have prayed back in school, many atheist parents would probably protest the same way, by not letting their kids go to school, and that wouldn't be deemed hiding.
  23. She'll grow out of it. Right now you are her primary caregiver and she has attached to you as Heather said. Daddy's time will come, but encourage him to keep trying. Let him change her, feed her, play with her, read to her, sing to her, anything. My kids are not as close in age as yours will be, but I worried about things like that too. I don't have any advice I only can say, you'll get the hang of it and make it through.. It's a tough adjustment, but once you find your groove, you'll be fine.
  24. Coming from a family full of school teachers I would agree with you, a day of silence would be nice.LOL!! I don't have a problem with children protesting abuse and bullying, but it's singling out the treatment of gay people and that I do not agree with. If the children are remaining quiet for a day, they aren't really participating in school and are therefore wasting the day.

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