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    Does anyone really have time for hobbies? Before kids I sang and played music, scrapbooked, and watched movies. Oh, the relaxation...


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  1. You know, i went out and got my husband an electric razor or 2, and he used it for a while, then went back to hos Schick Quattro Titanium whatever. He says the electric ones pull, and he gets a better shave with the regular razor.
  2. Good gracious, people will do anything to put people down, won't they? What a bunch of hogwash. You do what you know is right and anyone who has something to say can go jump in a lake. I get so, so tired of people picking each other apart over such stupid little things that don't matter. The only reason why people spout out at the mouth is because they've got their own issues they refuse to deal with, so they want to focus the attention on everyone else's.
  3. What a tough situation to be in. I will certainly pray for you and your child, and also that the Lord would soften your ex's heart. Just hold on and He will bring you through.
  4. My stepdad died yesterday, and I need prayers for my mom. He was 20 years older than her, and he went in for gallbladder surgery last Wednesday. His lungs wouldn't start back up basically, and he wasn't absorbing enough oxygen into his blood. Nobody expected a simple surgery to end like this, and my mom is having a really hard time, so please pray for my family.
  5. I checked out both of those, and it looks like they are just firewall programs, designed to keep hackers from your computer. I need that too. But neither of them say anything about filtering inappropriate content
  6. Does anybody know of any good Christian Internet providers or filters for the internet? I am just so sick of all these ads with nearly naked women popping up everywhere when I'm just trying to check my email! It's clear that the regular internet providers could care less about crude content, and I'm tired of trying to regulate it myself. I've seen a couple of different Christian filters on the internet, I'm wondering if anyone has actually tried any of them?
  7. I had Petocin after my second child was born, because my bleeding wasn't stopping or something. That hurt. They kept me on it for 9 hours before someone finally realized that it should be stopped, and the pain felt like regular contractions instead of the afterpains. I had forgotten all about that. If it hurt that bad when my uterus wasn't contracting on its own, I can only imagine how it feels when you have that plus the contractions. Sheesh.
  8. Congratulations!!! I am so glad everything worked out well for you. I have heard that inductions take longer, are more painful, etc... so I am glad to hear that you had the support you needed.
  9. "I do not trust my current husband to not do this to me because man is weak and the adulterous woman is bewitching, she is alluring and seductive and many men fall to her as women fall for the men who are so kind and caring and let the woman talk and cry on his shoulder and are always there for them, because most women are starved emotional support." I feel EXACTLY the same way sometimes. It is usually more the pull of seductive women that bothers me the most, the fact that there is so much porn and so many women out there just starving for attention. I know my husband tells the truth when he says he does not ever want to look at porn again, he doesn't want to be tempted into an affair or anything like that. But the human heart is so weak and so easily deceived, I just can't put my trust in my husband for this. I have never thought about praying for no other women to desire my husband, or for him to desire only me, etc. Don't know why I never thought of that, but I will pray that prayer from now on! I get through each day knowing that God loves me and hates to see me suffer, so I just trust that all that has happened will eventually serve some greater purpose.
  10. Yeah, really! I know my husband wouldn't be so into that idea...
  11. I'm just saying, how could anybody know whether or not Mary stayed a virgin for the rest of her life? Nobody can know that. That's like saying the Triceratops was purple -- we'll never know what color it was! She and Joseph were eventually married, after all, and she and her husband had just as many human desires as the rest of us. Just because God chose Mary to have His Son doesn't mean she was any less sinful or human than we are. That's the whole point, is that God chose Mary, an ordinary girl, to take part in the most important event in the world. And likewise, he chooses us -- ordinary, sinful people -- to accomplish great things through and for Him. "For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." (Romans 3:23) "As it is written, There is none who is righteous, not even one..." (Romans 3:10) These verses apply to Mary just as they apply to the rest of the world. Yes, she was a special girl, because she was chosen to be the mother of Jesus. But that does not mean she is of any higher authority than anyone else, or that she should be prayed to. "Jesus said to him, 'I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.'" (John 13:6) Not trying to create any "great divide" here, I'm just posing the question. These facts do matter very much, because they give the Bible validity. Nowhere in the Bible does anybody pray to Mary, St. Christopher, or anyone else but God. This would lead me to believe that what Jesus said is true, that He is the only way to come to the Father, and praying to anyone else is like praying to the wall behind your desk. Again, I am not trying to be insulting in any way; I understand that people feel the right to defend their beliefs. But this is what the Bible says, and that's where I'm pulling all this from.
  12. I have never gotten a flu shot, nor have my kids. I generally don't get sick, so I've never felt the need to get one. I'm sort of against unnecessary vaccinations & medications anyway, especially those that are very new and haven't been extensively tested and monitored. I don't like the chickenpox vaccine, because to me that's a natural childhood thing that all kids get -- you get it, you itch, you get over it -- and if you try to wipe it out, then say someone from another country comes over and has it, then BAM! You have millions of children with no exposure or immunity to it whatsoever. Not good. And chickenpox is rarely life-threatening, so why not just leave it alone? Yeah it's no fun when you have it, but neither is poison ivy, and there's no vaccine for that coming out any time soon. I feel like you should give your body time to try and handle those things itself; it builds your antibodies and gives you a stronger immune system. I don't even take Tylenol or Sudafed for colds and stuff like that, unless I'm horribly miserable. But that's just my take on things, I'm sure others who's immune systems are not very strong or have other health conditions would want to get the flu shot. But since we are generally healthy anyway (Praise God!), I don't see the need to potentially infect my family with the flu by getting the vaccine. BTW, one of the little girls in my daughter's ballet class had to miss the recital yesterday because her brother came down with H1N1, and the little girl has also come down with symptoms! It's weird when it comes knocking on doors in your own town.
  13. "© Mary, the Mother of God, remained a virgin not only in the conception of Christ but also in His birth and during the rest of her life." Ummm, didn't Jesus have a brother? How could Mary have stayed a virgin her whole life if Jesus had a brother?
  14. I live on the opposite coast, so I can't help you in being a physical friend, but I am sorry to hear about your situation. I am 25 too, and I really don't have any friends either. Most of the people my age that I know are the same way. We have met people from church and befriended them, but they are all much older with older kids, so it's hard to really connect. There's not a whole lot I know to do about it, though... Do you have family around that you get along with? My family lives close, so we get together with them quite often. I figure it like this; I'd rather not have any friends right now if it means compromising my character and being around bad influences! Someday I will meet somebody my age who is interested in more than partying.
  15. I don't know really why there is so much division between Catholic and Protestant religions; it's certainly not biblical to bash other people just because they worship differently than you do. When I was born, my parents went to a Lutheran church, and when they divorced, my mom married a Catholic man, so I went to Catholic church for 3 years. Then my dad started going to a Methodist church, so for a time I was going to both Protestant and Catholic churches on alternating Sundays. I personally found the Catholic church to be much more about ceremonies and memorizing prayers than about a personal, one-on-one relationship with God. I know my dad's family (all of whom are Catholic except him, so that's created a "black sheep" sort of scenario) all go to Mass on Sundays, and then turn around and act however they want the rest of the week. I can't say that for all Catholics, but that is how my dad's family is. At my uncle's funeral, my dad was chosen to read one of the scriptures because he was a lay-leader at his church, but they refused to let him add any of his own insights into the passage beforehand. They told him that he did not have the authority to interpret the Bible, and he was to read what was written and then be quiet. Then they said only those who have had their First Communion could take communion, so my whole family sat in their seats while I went up (I had done the whole First Communion thing when I was 8, but I would have gone up anyway). I think there is a great deal of arrogance involved in the way the Catholic church does things -- like the priests are the only ones who can understand the Bible, so the regular congregation shouldn't even bother reading it, you should just go along with what they say and believe it as infallible truth. It's a bunch of baloney, because those priests are no better than any one of us. They remind me of the Pharisees, wearing their fancy robes and acting more important than everyone else. The Lord uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things, and Catholicism clearly doesn't support that. Having experienced both Catholic and Protestant forms of worship, I don't like Catholicism in general because it seems to leave no room for a deep, personal relationship with Jesus. It's never even been mentioned, as far as I can remember. But this isn't to say I have any ill will towards people who choose to go to a Catholic church. It's the way the church operates that I have a problem with, not the people in it. I wish more people would see people as people, not just objects. Everyone has their own comfort zones when it comes to worship. But that's my experience with the Catholic church, and why I don't go to one.

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