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  1. We are getting rid of the Internet and cable tv, when my husband and I married we had no tv and no computer and life was better that way, we have recomitted our lives to Jesus and are returning to the simple lifestyle we grew up with, we are also moving to Michigan (with only 3 weeks to go till delivery, but we will be Ok) we have changed the baby's name to Kayla Lyn too! Adios West Coast, thank God! Hello to new beginnings! Take care ladies, it has been a joy to get to know everyone, esspecially Heather! Take care!
  2. Evening Prayer Someone has said that if we really understood the full extent of the power we have available through prayer, we might be speechless. Did you know that during WWII there was an advisor to Churchill who organized a group of people who dropped what they were doing every day at a prescribed hour for one minute to collectively pray for the safety of England , its people and peace? There is now a group of people organizing the same thing here in America . If you would like to participate: Every evening at 9:00 PM Eastern Time (8:00 PM Central) (7:00 PM Mountain) (6:00 PM Pacific), stop whatever you are doing and spend one minute praying for the safety of the United States , our troops, our citizens, and for a return to a Godly nation. If you know anyone else who would like to participate, please pass this along. Our prayers are the most powerful asset we have.
  3. http://www.dreamcenter.org/outreach/RescueProject/Ways.html Please consider checking out this ministry and giving to those in need,there are so many ways listed, if you are not comfortable with money donations they have lots of stuff listed that you can put in a box and send to them for a birthday box that is inexpensive and will help God lift the heads of these young victims and help them heal. People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.
  4. Hello to you!!!! Hope you make great connections here!
  5. I could not recall except it was for a tv show. I am not Amish, just from Amish country and I do not know what they do as far as praying, they are very private people, they aren't harsh at all, they are very peaceful but keep to themselves, I think it is hard to explain my area without giving a wrong impression, we just have so many differant congregations and denominations, many of the families I would go to went to either brethren in christ, UCC or baptist churches, many said the old God is Great God is Good now we thank Him for this food prayer! But at least it was not nothing and as on the movie this was normal family life in much of the late 80's early 90's. We rented a house on an Amish farm and they would come into our home and they were so kind and gentle, they helped us through a very rough time in our lives when we had lost our house to forclosure, without them we would have had no home at all, they were willing to rent to us when nobody else would. I just wanted to clarify b/c I felt I had left a wrong impression of them, they are just a people who have chosen to live simple lives and though seem strict I can assure you they are the light of Jesus in that neck of the woods until other churches were formed interestingly enough frompastors who had come out of the amish upbringing and left the Amish fold (Lancaster County Amish do not practice shunning) to preach to the "English" (anyone not Amish) Jesus Christ and His Salvation through Grace not works, the importance of family life, and staying together, and the joy of simplicity, not materialism, The Blessing of God to be used for His Glory and fulfill His works, not for our own pleasure or consumption, however they have the best food you could ever imagine eating! Just wanted to clarify this, I felt I had left you with a wrong impression, and this area has changed so much in the past 20 years, so when I speak of the issues, know that He has been Victorious and much of the religious strongholds have already been torn down and the area has shifted focus now in occurding to God's leading. Since we are not there anymore I feel I miss out on it, although I know God's call for us is here on the West for now though. Oh my daughter says it was a Toby Mac song anyway!
  6. We talked over the weekend, I was relieved to hear him to say how he had not known what would be on there, and how it had hurt his heart, I am sad when I think of it still it hurts so bad, but I am trying to focus my thoughts on helping these girls instead of feeling sorry for myself, so I am looking into ministries for sex trade victims in the USA and one of these has a search engine called good search, when you use it they recieve money donations, it is called Veronica's Voice and is located in Kansas. I heard of it through CBN's 700 Club program and website. Thank you for all your prayers and I am asking if you could stretch your Faith to prayer for these girls and for the men who watching these things to have thier eyes opened to the evilness of it and the pain it causes them, the girls and their families and for them to seek Jesus, to seek God's forgiveness and of course to be set free completely delivered from the bondage of sexual sins and pornagraphy addiction, and to be released from the spirit at work in the world that is causing these things to occur. May we declare Jesus as Lord to all! I know this is sick, it turns my stomach and makes me want to caste stones at these men until they suffer greatly in thier pain, this is how I feel I cannot help but feel this anger, but this is what the word says: Mark 2:17 (New International Version) 17On hearing this, Jesus said to them, "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners." So in all, for the sick to made healthy, the sinners to become the righteousness of Christ, it is better for everyone this way, may we destroy the devil's work in Jesus Name, may God bring us Victory in every battle, and may we Praise Him forever. Thanks!
  7. Oh and I thought the dinner scene at Thansgiving was very accurate to those Christian homes I would go to when young (90's) and in high school, the ffod grabbed, then everyone sitting in the living room in front of the tv, while mom usually ate alone in the kitchen while already cleaning up, the name of Jesus was never spoken, not even in prayers, in fact truth be told we were so drilled to not use the Jesus name, I think we had developed a real fear of it. One of the things that was very hard for me to get over and why believe God had me in a Pentocostal church for a time was getting comfortable with saying His Name, instead Dear God or Heavenly Father, or Father in Heaven, on tv people said God but never said Jesus too. I know we are to be saying His Name as There is Power in His Name but you know the previous generation (those sinners you know,the factory workers and bikers and blue collar workers and such) would use Jesus Christ all the time like a curse word and we were drilled not to use the name in vain, then we did not use it hardy at all outside of Sunday church. Course most of us only had one parent in divorced families even going to church so we all had a lot of mixed signals going on. But anyway this is how the "rich" christian families really acted and she was portraying a real family so they may truly never have used His Name in prayer, we did not even use His Name to end a prayer, again the Pentacostal Church taught me to pray in His Name, we never did this we would just say Amen, and it to pronouned AAAA like the O in Opera, men. Weird how religion can grip people so.
  8. Iron Man 2 was not that bad really, men like action packed fights more than us women anyway!
  9. Sandra Bullock took a hard hit b/c of making that movie, she lost her husband and suffered greatly, she gained a reward of an Oscar, but I bet she'd give that back to have her husband's faithfulness again. IS she a Christian or did she just do a really great job acting the role of one who was in real life, sometimes we may forget she was depicting a real mom, and I forget too how the world dresses since I spend a lot of time concentrating to keep my eyes directly in contact with another's person's eyes while in conversation, as a woman I do this not b/c the breasts hanging out hold the same temptation as to a man, but a differant one, to judge them, to think they look like tramps and tell them to put some clothes on, I admit this is wrong, but I am from Amish Country and this is just not something we do as women even if not Amish we just cover ourselves, we don't want men looking at us like that, so it is a challenge fo rme to keep my thoughts on not judging them and trying to keep in mind thwt they do not know any better and if I tell them it will not be recieved, as God taught me in a Christian song, He needs to change thier hearts before He can change thier shirt. So speaking of music, take heart and be encouraged, twice this week we heard Christian music played on a new tv show commercial and out in public where usually you only hear secular, but it is getting in there finally after all these years, and it had to start in tiny seeds, with music only the ones who already knew Him even knew was Jesus in that song speaking through the singer. Anyway movies will follow I am sure, it will take years, but keep hammering these movies out and they will start to multiply grow and be bigger and stronger than what even came before the corruption, like the mustard seed that grows to be the tallest tree that can shelter the birds of the air with it's branches. Keep the Faith, God is working His plan!!!
  10. I thank you again for all your prayers, I am so grateful. The Lord has helped me realize he does not want to have sex with teens, he just misses being a teen himself. This happened right after I found out I was pregnant with the third, he has opened up a bit tonight (he is walking dog right now) about how he feels he is not doing good at work and he is feeling tired and worn out all the time. He spoke of how he misses having energy like when he young and played football in high school, (he is nearly 40 now). I told him he should go to the pastor for counseling but without me, I told him I would go when and if pastor wanted me to, but that he needs to work these things out with a man, not me, and he agreed. A man will be more help to him than I can be with these issues. I am trying to keep it light, he is still very heavy laden in spirit, not remorseful but I am taking your advice and not being accusatory. I talked to him for a few minutes about the music of the 80's, we talked about David Lee Roth and an old video he had on MTV. I know it was God directing me in conversation b.c honestly these days are not missed by me at all (or the music), but he lightened a little at the memory. I am releaved on the Revelation though, and I truly do have all yoour prayers to thank, otherwise I may have been on the first plane home to PA today.
  11. For me it would depend more on how she looked and acted, some women I trust and others I do not. Right now I can't say I would want my husband alone with anyone who would be stroking him up with words like honey, as in Proverbs, since it seems he is in a weak spot right now, other times I would have said I know he'd do nothing anyway, I used to not think he would.
  12. Thank you all so much. I know God has heard all your prayers and is with me, helping me get through the shock. Before I came back to check for any reponses I had sat a lot today before The Lord praying and reading His Word. He said he went to some differant websites and did not intentionally go searching out for young girls, and the website I found listed waa for barely legal girls so I guess over 18 but not by much. It bothered me b/c I do not want my daughter in any danger like I was growing up, but she insists that he has never done anything to her and says I should pray b/c it is the devil trying to hurt me through him, and I have to say she is usually wise beyond her years about these things. Her advice was to pray too. Anyway, I was not sure if I should believe him though b/c he also tols me when I had originally found them just listed on previous searches that he had not looked at any of that stuff at all, and here I had even back then wondered abut if my daughter had been, but it did not seem to fit inline with her character, she even looks away at kissing on tv. Anyway I erased all the previous searches myself and jokingly told him next time make sure you erase all that crap so she does not see it. Anyway he comes home yesterday saying he wants marriage counseling and I was shocked, I was like what is wrong thought everything was fine and he starts to list the reasons why, this being one of them. Problem is I do not want to go through this again, I have lived all this before, I grew up in counseling for my alcoholic stepdad and my codependant mom, I spent years in counseling after my husband left, I am so tired of being sucked into sitting around talking about problems, when I know the solution is just to believe God, pray and obey His commands to love Him and love others. Anyway, I have worked through with God that I can remain here and we are safe, this was most important to me, to keep my daughter safe from anything perverted. But right now I do not know if he is even coming home tonight, he left early for work, he did say one word to me, last night after he told me, all I said was so you lied to me, he said yes then his comment about not being free to struggle with temptations and I said nothing, he went to bed then. Anyway he usually kisses me and says goodbye in the morning and he didn't and it is after 8 and he is still not home so I am beginning to wonder if he coming home at all. He seems to like to create fear in me, he messes up then leaves then I get scared and end up being the one groveling for him to come back and forgive me, then we make up and life goes on,but he has not done this in a very long time and I thought it was a thing of the past now. Anyway I thank you for your prayers and comments of concern and for now anyway I am staying, b/c what can I do but what The Lord wants, and I am His, I just need to resist the fear and anxiety if he does not come home tonight and not go chasing after him again, that does nothing but enable him and humilate me and would upset the kids anyway, so if he thiks he can do what he did when we were dating, he needs to rethink.
  13. My husband told me last night the last time I went home for a visit (back in February) he viewed porn on the web. I had suspected as much, I could tell things were differant than things had been between us. And he seemed hypersensitive about me using his laptop. I found some previous searches a few weeks ago, all of them older teens, but he had denied looking at anything like this before last night when he suddenly confessed, though not in any kind of repentance or tears, more like in accusation, he said he was not free to struggle with temptations like other people are free to do with me, this does not even make any sense to me. Did Christ die to set us free to struggle with our temptations, I thought he made the way out of temptations. I thought he died so we no longer had sin be our master, but were now free from the struggle with sin we had been in under the law, now as we live in Him. Any way his temptation struggles with pictures and sex acts of 17 and 18 year olds is of the most concern for me. I could handle normal adult porn otherwise, all men tend to have a weakness to sin esspecially in this area of lust, and I am not naive to believe otherwise. I think I could have handled an affair among him and a grown woman much better than this teen stuff. After all been there done that got the I survived an affair and divorce t-shirt already with my first husband. But I have a 12 year old daughter and am about to have another daughter. How do I trust him with the girls, even her friends? Is he a danger to her and her girl friends as she grows older. I am trying not to overeact, but I had a stepfather who lusted after me when I grew to be around 16 until 18 when I left home and he never saw me again, he left my mom for a 19 year old shortly after I moved out. He never did anything but I coould feel his eyes undressing me. My daughter went from wearing dresses and skirts to dressing like a boy, she does not even wear short shorts. I keep asking her if he ever tried anything on her and she says no, she insists he never has, she tells me to stay with him. I do not know what to do, but I am trying to remain calm,I am 33 weeks along and I will not let this stress get me so unsettled I bring on early labor. I have been through divorce once, I know I will survive, I know I can live alone, I know I can raise these kids up fine by myself, I nearly do now as he works almost all the time, and I would be lieing if I said I do not want any excuse to get off this west coast and be back home in Amish Country again where everything feels pure and wholesome and safe. But I have a son to this man, and I am about to have another daughter, though I could protect my daughter since he has no rights, I could never be with my other two kids to protect them, and you know the law at this pioint being it is only porn to the liberal judges will give him partial custudy and visitation rights, and he has the money to pursue them, I will have no money without him, it will be hard to find employment in this economy, I know I have no family to live with, I believed God in marrying this man, I truly thought it had been God's will, now I am not sure anymore what to think, but I know this, my family will not let us live with them, I would need enough saved up to leave smartly if I do leave and have enough to secure a home and food for us to last several weeks. I also know if this is not the will of God He will not provide the supply for me, and if it is His will, He will provide the supply. I just would like a little advice and maybe if you would not mind a little prayer, thanks.
  14. mISSoRIKA, it is a challenge seperating yourself from the world isn't it, esspecially when we desire so much to belong. I remember throwing away all my music like Metallica and Suicidal Tendencies (hey this was the cool music back then), and it was hard, even harder weas later throwing away my romance novels and a lot of my movies. It does get easier though.
  15. My daughter is 12 and she is more strict than I am on what we go see, I wanted to see several movies she told me she did not want to see b/c they looked "kinda bad", and really held to the Bible's standards they were, she has taught me so much. I wish there were more mystery movies made like the tv shows we watch, like Monk and The Mentalist, that actually have a story and plot and you have to think, not just action packed mindless junk, most movies I end up spacing out on even if we do go,all the mindless fight and car chase scenes, I end up thinking about my to do list or making a mental grocery list, so they are a complete waste of money for us to go to. The last movie we went to see was Iron Man 2and it was so boring I almost fell asleep in the theater. As I said some I had been interested in going to, but she did not want to see, usually b/c they have sex scenes in the commercials and she is very against any of that kind of stuff, more so than I ever taught her to be, she always turns her face and covers her eyes at even kissing scenes. So this leaves out all romantic movies and comedies, even PG-13 ones. I had wanted to see the one with Miley Cirus in it but this was one she was like no way mom too. That being said, we usually only go to a handful of movies per year, this year that was The Cross-The Story of Arthur Blessit (we all loved this movie), Toy Story 3, Shrek The Final Chapter, Marmaduke, and Iron Man 2. We do plan on going to see the latest Narnia movie coming out soon. So we look for sex free, no sex,not even kissing, no sex language. At her age some violence that is necessary to the story plot is ok, violence not necessary to the plot of the story is not ok. We both do not like bad or foul language, esspecially taking the Lord's name in vain, using Christ's name wrongly is very offensive to us, it makes us both very angry to hear this, we also do not like all the OMG's lately, (since they do not believe in Him, why do they insist on using His name) we say Oh my Guy in our home, so that my young son thinks the whole OMG thing means oh my guy, and if we see it on a preview we not go to the movie, but though I would be a better Christian if I did, we do not leave once I paid a small fortune to get into it. I needed to edit that we did go see The Blind Side too and we all loved this movie as well! One thing though is we all agreed in that the Mom dressed too provocative, she should have dressed more modest as a Christian woman. I thought realistically if she wore an outfit like she did in the movie to vist the bad neighborhood, she'd have surely been raped there. It was not appropraite at all, but we all agreed on this and my daughter dresses super conservative even to the point of wearing boy's swim trunks over her swim suit so boys cannot look at her butt. We are totally against all those vampire movies and do not understand at all why anyone would want to watch such nonsense! God Blessed me with this girl, b/c if she wanted to see Twilight movies, I'd have to have put my foot down and said no way, but I have it pretty easy, Praise God.

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