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  1. http://www.themannareserve.org is an awesome site. Tons of free books, top authors. Thousands to choose from. No fee ever. You'll love it. Enjoy. God Bless. KarriLee
  2. This is great. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Please pray for my 16yo dss. His mom died 3 years ago, after a long hard battle. Nathan spent many long days and nights at the hospital with his dd and little brother before his mom finally went home to be with Jesus. They were all in the room when she died too. I cannot imagine a kid going through that, he would have been 11 at the time. A year later his dad met me and we were married within 3 months. Now we've sold the house he grew up in and moved. He also is a real outcast at school, somewhat overweight and hasn't got any friends. He is a great kid, very respectful of me, and we are pretty close actually. But he wants nothing to do with God. Whenever I mention the Lord he rolls his eyes and although he goes to church with us, he sits there with a real attitude throughout. I know it's in God's hands, I just needed to share. Thanks for listening. God Bless. ______________________________________
  4. I was a single mom for 8 years. I used to watch Joel Osteen up in my bedroom for uplifting, and I would bawl my face off, standing on the things he was saying and on the Promises of God. I never knew how I'd make it through another day sometimes, yet Thank God I had Jesus, and knew that somehow we'd be ok. Then out of the blue I met my husband. I wasn't actually even looking for a man, as I was still holding out hope that my daughters' alcoholic father would get the help he needed and rescue us. The man I met is an incredible man of God and we were married within 2 months of meeting. Its now been 2 years and my life truly couldn't be better. God is no respector of persons. He did this for me because I turned to Him and listening to Joel I would make all kinds of biblical declarations that God had to honor, because He is not a God that would lie. I recommend to all single moms to go online to Joel Osteen and make it a regular practice to listen to Victoria's worship and Joel's preaching. Not only does it help emotionally, but spiritually it helps you to get things done.
  5. Hello sisters! My name is KarriLee and I am a happily married wife, and mom of 4. My kids are ages 6(my dd) almost 11 (mydd), almost 15 (my step-ds) and almost 16 (my step ds). I am looking forward to getting to know many of you and making many new friends. Please feel free to drop me a line. God Bless.

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