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  1. I just got back from a Christian Conference and loved it!! This conference was for the leaders and teachers of kids...and I am the 2 yr. old teacher at our church...I learned so much, and met so many new people...It was awesome...And I have talked in tongues before...but always at home and to myself....Well while I was there and we were in the main part of the church praiseing and worshiping....The spirit just hit me, and I started speaking in tongues right then and there...I couldn't stop it....it just kept coming...It was so awesome! So I thought I would share...
  2. Lord you said if we ask it will be given unto us....So Lord we ask that these blood clots be removed from Natalies lungs....In the name of Jesus! Also Lord please be with her family in this time and let them know that you are always with them! In the name of Jesus Christ we pray...Amen!
  3. Thank you all so much!
  4. I read a book called "One thing you can't do in Heaven" by Mark Cahill...you might want to check it out! I loved it, and its what got me into the mode of wanting to let people know about Jesus! I am not quiet ready for the evangalism part yet...but I do hand out tracts...at gas stations, walmart...everywhere....I am so glad that you do also!! You are a treasure to GOD!!
  5. Hey look...lol..there it is...
  6. How come my siggy isn't showing up...hmmmm...kinda using this as a test..lol..
  7. I have never been anywhere north of Tx....but I went to New Mexico when I was 16 and loved the Indian...oh I don't know what its called...but where the indians used to live..the remains of their homes and whatnot...I loved it....Good luck on your move!!
  8. Thank you so much!!
  9. My sil's kids are 13 & 11, and are still this way for the simple fact, that she always did stuff for them, and now they treat her like crap... I don't want this to happen to you..Kids are smart, and they learn early on what they can and can't get away with...I too am impatient, but I have learned to bite my tongue..and just walk away sometimes....I would just leave her there...Go and make a big deal in the other room about what a great day today is going to be, and whats going to go on...How much fun your going to have...Her curiosity will get the best of her...And I agree on the pick your battles fight..its hard, but it will save your sanity in the end..I will pray for you!!
  10. I feel this way too...although GOD is the one who has the final say...He did give us the choice on whether or not we choose to have kids...I personally have 5 kids...but I did use different methods of BC between each one...We wanted a big family...I don't think its responsible to be off of BC when you can't afford a family..Its not fair to everyone in that situation....I also used an IUD, and loved it....no periods, and didn't have to worry about getting pregnant when I didn't want to...and as soon as I did, I get pregnant within 2 months...
  11. I am just a little sad:(...On Easter my papa told me he has prostate cancer...They just found it, and he is going to start radiation at the end of the month...So will everyone please lift him up and pray for him...I thank you!
  12. We use embarq...and needless to say I am not pleased! At all!! I have my internet and phone through them, and my bill was supposed to total..$64....every month, no matter what...Yeah well that hasn't happened at all! And its very frustrating...trying to talk to them every month and asking about what the heck is going on...And getting absolutely NO WHERE...ugh...So until I find someone else...I am stuck with them...I can't stand it!!
  13. MommaTo5

    A New Forum...

    I was just wondering...I see a forum for single and working moms....but not one for married or SAHMoms....I was wondering if maybe we could get one...I don't fit in either of the first two catagories...Thanks!
  14. I agree with this...you need to have someone you know is a GOD fearing person to lay hands upon her and to use the name of Jesus to cast out her demons...GOD can deliever people from mental disabilities I have seen it! Just keep praying as I will and believe you have received whatever you have asked for! Don't have doubt, that is straight from the devil! GOD, I want to thank you for blessing this family and for seating us all at the right hand of the father..Lord GOD I am asking that you lift Beckys sister up and release her from whatever demons are attacking her mentally and spiritually, in the name of Jesus...You said whatever we ask will be given unto us, so I believe that my prayer and others have been heard, and I thank you for delivering her and keeping her safe! In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!!
  15. GOD is good and I believe that! I believe that if you ask for it and believe you receive it, then its yours! Well my DH is the one that works and provides for our family of 7, and recently they have been having layoffs..a lot....and they cut pay and hours...We live off of his overtime....But I have prayed long and hard and I know that everything is ok...He tells us he will provide for us no matter what happens! My faith has grown so much in the past year..and I am thankful for that! I am just asking for prayer to help back up what I have already set in motion...It never hurts to have others help on your behalf..I would be forever grateful!! Thanks and have a blessed day!!

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