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  1. School starts tomorrow for my 4. I have them put what they are wearing the next day on the footboard of their beds. Saves having to search for shoes and socks and trying to find uniform componenets that match for the ones that need uniforms. Also keeps them from coming to breakfast in pajamas, halloween costumes, swimsuits or underwear. LOL.
  2. At this time there is nothing else that can be done. James has been given no more than a year to live by the doctors. Pray for him to be free of pain, strength for his parents, and if it's God's will; a miracle. Thanks everyone.
  3. I love that song too. I think it's romantic when a man still views his wife as "hot." Reminds me of the Song of Solomon. The world tries to portray fornication as exciting as married life as boring. How wrong the devil is.
  4. We went to the beach Sunday after church. The kids had a blast, said it was the most fun thing we did all summer, and considering all the stuff we did, that is saying a lot. The day before the boys had a water fun day in the river with the Boy Scouts while we took the girls to a kids cooking day at the mall. They decorated their own cookies, cupcakes, made snack mix, got all kinds of cooking related toys, videos and such. I forgot to mention the girls went to a special weather camp at a local television station as well. They learned about weather, did science experiments, ate lunch with the meteorologists, and again got lots of goodies, T-shirts, pencils, rulers, a rain gage, etc. There is still another VBS we may go to as well. I must say, I never got to do nearly as much fun stuff during the summer. My kids have it good.
  5. My twins club newsletter is called the Twin Crier, a play on Town Crier. I used it for my screen name when I first got e-mail and have just used it ever since because it's always available.
  6. My daughter Christiane has to go to summer school and just started the third of four weeks. It is required for her to be advanced to third grade next year. The girls only attended 3 day Girl Scout Camp so she wouldn't miss too much school. The boys has 5 day Boy Scout camp. The girls attended soccer camp which was not an overnight thing, just 5 days for a few hours. We did two VBS while the boys were away, took 4 additional kids to one of them. two weddings down, one more to go. My twins club had a weekend long convention we hosted. This Friday is my husband's 33rd birthday and his grandma's 75th. We still have a family reunion, theater tickets and the 4H fair coming up. And we promised the kids to fit in a day at the beach before school starts Aug 14. There have been other small but fun stuff we did, like white water rafting, singing in church, flying kites at the park, friends spending the night, etc. I have missed a bridal shower and a gradutaion party due to conflicts of having so much to do on the weekends. Noticed the stores were putting out the school supplies yesterday.
  7. Update: There is still cancer after the surgery but because James still has radiation in his brain, they cannot do any more. The prognosis long term is fatal, about 2 years tops. It will literally take an act of God for this little boy to survive, so keep the prayers rising friends.
  8. To be a Christian witness we must be salt and light. We must love in truth. I fail to see how offering sympathy to the unrepentant accomplishes this.
  9. There isn't anyhting to argue about. What's aken out of context is that bible verse. John 7:24 Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment. http://www.biblicalstudies.com/bstudy/contempry/hompbia1.htm
  10. Open peoples eyes? To what, this red herring? What good can come of softening to sin and evil? This forum used to be opposed to immorality, not promoting it.
  11. The surgery was delayed because of a power outage at the hospital, but it has been done now, and it's looking better than first thought. He will be recovering for a while as you all can imagine. The tumor was cancerous so he may need chemo again as well. Thanks so much for all your prays, and keep them coming.
  12. Please pray for my step-son Daltin's friend James. He has previously beat brain cancer but it has returned and while they are doing surgery today, it isn't looking very good. But as we know, God can work miracles. http://www.skyalbum.com/album/leasa/462bc90e030/james.swf
  13. Most of what has been mentioned is on my list as well. I find most of the physical stufffairly easy since I want to set a good example for my kids, but the stuff that's hidden; the hate and anger I have, lustful thoughts, etc. are a real challenge.
  14. That's scary for adults as well. Imagine some college student looking for a nice girl online and ending up jailed for running into that. I totally agree. MySpace, like anything else to do with the computer can and will be abused. There is nothing inherently evil about posting your photos or blogging your thoughts online.
  15. There is not a door in my home that isn't cracked, dented or coming off the hinges. We lost a front living room window during a girl scout meeting last year. One of my kitchen chair is busted and my table.... well, I sanded it down with one of those white Mr. Clean erasers. Needless to say it needs to be refinished. Anyone else have disaster stories they want to share?

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