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    I am a working from home mommy of a seven year old girl and a new baby boy. We just adopted our son and have had a great experience with it. We are involved in an amazing church here.


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    Gilbert, AZ 85233


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    gardening, yoga, cooking, being outdoors, swimming, hiking, organizing anything, stampin up


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    I work from home with an amazing group of women CEO Moms
  1. Welcome! glad to have you here! What took you to Canada?
  2. My son and I spent the day at home. I worked some and we played a lot! We went for a walk and jumped on the new trampoline. He will be one soon so I started looking for him a little tikes climber for his birthday online. My husband got off work early and we all hung out. It was a great day.
  3. I will definatly pray for that poor baby and the family...keep us updated.
  4. Have any of you done the Daily Light devotional? I read about it in another book and was intrigued. It is something you can do year after year. Instead of getting mans view on a verse it has a few verses on a similar topic that you read in the morning and then some more that your read in the evening. I just ordered my husband and I each a copy of it and we are going to do it together. Any thoughts on it?
  5. mmmm looks good! I'll have to try these this week :-) Thanks for posting.
  6. I am also home all day. I found that I need to get dressed and totally get ready for the day even if I'm just going to stay home and work :-) I try to go outside with my son every day even if its just for a walk to the mailbox. I also have been using the wii fit more which is fun but I think I would like something with more intensity and might go back to my pilate video's. I have been making sure to take a long bath and read at least once a week.
  7. Welcome Chichi. I'm glad you've joined us! You will find a lot of great women and advice on here.
  8. That is soooo exciting! I don't have a normal situation being a step-mom and an adoptive mom. I can't imagine the anticipation after seeing your little one:-) Congratulations. If you ever want a great list of things to pray for for your children, let me know. I have a list someone gave me of a different virtue to pray for your kids to have each day and it has a verse to go along with it. I've been doing it for years now and it has been wonderful.
  9. I'm sorry for your money troubles. I am also so happy that you guys have found a way out of it! I hope your new job is a blessing to you and that you are able to bless those you will be working with. I know that I am very blessed to be working from home with my kiddo's. If you ever want to get the info on how other moms can do it as well, just check out my web site. Its not a get rich quick scheme but you can make real money from home with your kids without doing home parties or any of that stuff. Congratulations on the new job!
  10. I've heard of the name Ashor for a girl. In the bible it is a male but it makes such a great girls name. My friends are pregnant after about nine years of not being able to concieve and they are naming their boy Issac. They are relating their story to the story of Sarah in the bible who concieved at a late date. I forget the meaning but it was a good one :-) Hope you find the perfect name soon.
  11. Welcome to the site. There are a lot of amazing women here with great advice and insight.
  12. We are in Gilbert, Arizona. Its hot here so if you aren't here now I don't suggest visiting during the summer.
  13. Thank you, after I posted this our adoption agency contacted us to let us know that the birth mom has contacted the agency and wanted to set up a meeting with us to see our little boy. We have an open adoption and we've had to leave it all in her hands as to how often we see each other because we have no way of contacting her. I'm glad that she is wanting to meet up with us. Please keep praying for her.

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