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    I am a wife and mommy to 4 amazing kiddos. I miss my hubby all day so I need friends to talk to.


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    San Diego


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    I am involved in Young Family Ministries and out reach ministry in our church. I am also starting a Children's ministry in my neighborhood.


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    I serve the Lord
  1. He is doing good. He is a little slow but we were really blessed. Jesus gave him back to us!
  2. I just wanted to say hi to everyone. I am a wife and mother to four children. I am looking to positive discussion form other women who share my values. We had a pretty bad accident with my son a little ago, and I noticed that talking and interacting with people can really help ~Amanda
  3. I reach out to people to share my story and try and overcome this accident. What better place then in a website who shares the love of the Lord like I do. Read the essay I attached ~Amanda Amanda Doss personal essay.doc
  4. Read the essay!!! Learn from my mistake.
  5. My favorite christian book for women. It's so cool! It's called Trust Training by dionne carpenter. It is helping me get over my sons accident and recover in God's presense Amanda Doss personal essay.doc

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