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  1. Does any of the ladies here do weight watchers? What has been your results?
  2. Does that really help with weight loss
  3. I had this problem with my daughter and her friends, we had to sit my daughter down and have a talk with her to let her know how we felt. We couldn't totally stop it, but luckily for us we were able to stop it. We are on very good terms with our neighbors and they felt the same way we did. I don't think grounding would be good, because they might not understand that. I would definatly explain that the middle finger does notmean that you love Jesus. I think by just be open and talking and explaing things is always good. I mean what are you going to do when they are teenagers?
  4. Hello, I just saw this movie, I don't know why I went to see it. But it was just awful, I guess maybe part of me was hoping they would say the true way to heaven is Jesus. NO this movie was about how there were angels and demons on other dimensions and how there are "half breeds" on this earth and the way we can get to heaven is to repent. I personally thought Jesus is the way!!!! Sorry had to rant about this movie.
  5. Spanking is a very debated subject. We only spank at my house if it is really necessary and then it will be one swat on the bare bottem. I have never spanked my children with anything besides our hand. That is enough. They know if they are going to be spanked they did something pretty bad
  6. Did you have a humidifier? That always helps, what helped me a lot was to raise the crib where their heads were so they have a little incline to sleep. Plus of course the nose sucker bulb helped a little.
  7. We just had a slumber party and the first thing we did was take the girls to the local pizza place to eat and they can play games. Something I have noticed here that they are doing is the girls are going to the local beauty place to have their hair and everything done.
  8. Hi, I tried it and went into it, so far it looks good, but it is hard since we all go into the message boards at different times, but it looks great
  9. Hello ladies, I love Jesus with all my heart, I beleived that He did die for my sins, and has ascended into heaven. But why am I still interested in seeing "ghost photos" or reading ghost stories?
  10. Hello again, I have been using this board a lot as of recently, it seems to be helping me in my walk with Jesus. What if I don't talk in tongues? Is that totally necessary as a beleiver in Christ?
  11. I am a strict Missourri Lutheran (I probally just mispelled it) but they believe that when you partake in the holy communion, that the blood of Jesus and body of Jesus is present in the wafer and the wine. Ok this is where I get confused. Now are we like the canibals that eat people? You know like Jeffrey Dahlmer? What exactly do they mean when there is the blood and body of Jesus?
  12. Does anyone else notice that all these celebrities are into the non christian religions....Brittney Spears & Madonna are into Kabalah (just what the heck is it) Orlando Bloom (Legolas from Lord of the Rings) buddahist. I mean you never really or at least I haven't seen any big celebrity profess this faith in Jesus Christ. Except Mel Gibson. It just seems like Hollywood will shun anything that has to deal with Christ. I also heard on my local radio station that in the big non christian counties, China, Russia, and the muslin countries that it is being reported that the US caused the earthquakes due to underground nuclear testing.
  13. I am trying to witness to a friend and she keeps asking why God would allow bad things to happen like 09/11 or the earthquakes. I tried to explain to her that we live in a imperfect world and that God is in control of everything. Is there a better way for me to explain it to my friend do you think?
  14. Hello All I just finished watching for the who knows how many times the Lord of the Rings,The Return of the king. My question or questions are: Is there or if any hidden meanings to Christ in the Lord of the Rings movies? If so are there any in the Harry Potter movies? I mean both movies have wizards and deal in a fantasy world. Thanks
  15. Hi all, I have a friend at my work that I will witness to. I have bought from him books from Josh McDowell and Lee Strobel, he will states that the books will have him laughing out loud. He struggles alot with church vs science issues. He thought their answers were very childish to paraphrase basically they say it is because it is is. I really try to witness to him. Are there any other books that you would know of that would be good for him?
  16. My feelings on the Holy Spirit is and please correct me to a biblica passage if I am wrong....but doesn't Paul say that if you are going to have the gift of speaking in tongues...there always needs to be there someone to understand what you are saying? I believe if you believe and are saved with Jesus Christ, you will have the Holy Spirit....3 in 1. I beleive that the Holy Spirit is showing more in the countires where the gospel is being spread. My pasotr told my church that America is now on the "back wave" of the evangalism. I know when I feel the "Jesus Bumps" that that is the Holy Spirit working in me. When I first tried Christianity I asked my friend why I can't talk in tongues...she informed me that I needed more faith. Well right then and their that turned me off pretty bad. Paul says that we as christians will not all have the gift of talking in tongues. I have never heard it so I am not sure how I would react to it.
  17. My priorities....God, family, church, work, friends, which I feel are the basics. But when I have time...I am SUCH a bookworm, I love to read
  18. See I am a very impaitent person. I want of course all the weight off now. I currently weigh 175. Of course when I was 18 I was at 120, I would love to be at the weight again. I am trying to learn that I need only to eat my serving size, not triple serving size. Plus I loved fried food. But I noticed when I went on anti depressants, that is when the weight was put on, plus I quit smoking about 7 months ago.
  19. A few weeks ago I joined weight watchers, which is supposed to be a "lifestyle" change. I find myself still hungry and still getting upset with a pound a day. Also what are good foods to eat that will keep you full for longer?
  20. I feel that way alot. I remember the times that I am On Fire for Jesus and I just am so excited, hyper and happy, where it feels like Jesus is right by me cheering me along. There are other times where Jesus feels like He's a football field away and just whispering to me. It is hard, but I try to get myself out of it by prayer, friends and the bible
  21. I really enjoy Michael W Smith. I find myself getting alot of cd's with different artists on them, like the DOVE cd's to get a mixture of music. Sarah Groves and Go Fish are other ones that I like
  22. I use the New Living Translation. I found it to be very close to the NIV but it is alot more easier for me to understand.
  23. Hello, how do all you moms balance this. I work full time, on Saturday I work 2 jobs. I have a family, 1 husband and 2 younger kids. By them time I get home from work, having to clean the kitchen, make dinner, clean the kitchen again, do the laundry, give baths, play a game and get kids to bed, by that time I am so tired myself. I have a calendar where I look at daily bible passages, but how do I really fit in reading my bible daily. I also do the e mail thing where I am reading the bible in a year. But I have been told that God will talk to you through the bible. So I am just wondering how everyone else does the balancing of things.
  24. I need help, I have 2 kids a daughter age 8 (going on 13 it seems like) and a son age 5. Now I love going to church. I practice my christiainity very strongly in my house. But my problem I am running up against is that the rest of my family will not go. My husband is a christian but one of those that does not like going to church. Well my children see dad not going so they don't want to go. How do I get them excited about going to church when all they want to do is play video games or watch cartoons? I don't want to "force" them and push them away from Jesus but how do I get them on FIRE for Jesus?
  25. Sorry to keep bothering you guys, but first of all I totally believe and love Jesus. I know He was the Son of God, died on the cross for our sins, but I am always getting hung up on a few things with the trinity. Ok when Jesus was baptised, there was God the Son in Jesus, God the Father when He spoke from heaven and God the Holy Spirit. How can they all be there in the same place but all different and all the same? Or for the transfiguration Jesus shows His God self but then you hear God the Father from the cloud? See I get so confused. Another question I have...I am starting to read the Left Behind books again because they are going to be coming out with the last one..well when I read the book even though I know Jesus, all of the sudden I will get these doubts in my mind saying that I will really not be going to heaven, I have done something wrong etc. It really bugs me because then I begin to doubt myself.

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