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  1. That was helpful to read, I get so frustrated when my house is messy but I guess I shouldn't stress so much considering that I'm always busy and have a two year old to boot!
  2. I am not on weight watchers but I love it anyway! lol. My sis in law lost over 70 lbs. with WW. She has kept it off for nearly three years now. I'd like to join when I start working again.
  3. It also helps to do side crunches too...that targets the side oblique muscles (where the lovehandles are) and many people overlook that. To do those you just lay your legs to the side while keeping your torso in the same position. It's kinda difficult at first but you get use to it.
  4. I agree with the other posts, you need to speak God's word into your life and allow him to heal you. Sometimes we know we are forgiven for past sins but because of our feelings we doubt God's forgivness. But continue to read those scriptures and know that God has forgiven you. Second of all your husband's spending is not your fault..you sound like a responsible woman and he is being irresponsible. Hold him up in prayer for the Lord to change his heart. But he has to be an adult and handle the situation well. Maybe you can talk to him about finding multiple streams of additional income, like investing in real estate or whatnot. Even if it's not something doable right now, talk to him about it to consider for the future. That will open the door to discuss your finances. I use to be this way with my husband..my family would go shopping a lot when i was younger, so I expected to do the same when we got married. It took me awhile until I realized that our finances were not in the position for me to go shopping every week. If he loves you, he will come around. God bless you sis. Know that He has the power to heal your marriage.
  5. I was listening to this song this morning and I felt so exhorted. It will always be one of my favorite praise songs. Praise Adonai Paul Beloche Who is like Him? The Lion and the Lamb Seated on the throne Mountains bow down And every ocean roars To the Lord of Hosts Praise Adonai! From the rising of the sun To the end of ev'ry day Praise Adonai! All the nations of the earth All the angels and the saints sing praise!
  6. Thanks a lot for the article, I'm going through a transition right now and can get all the help I can.
  7. It was such a blessing to read this! Thanks for sharing. Joel and Victoria have practically been a part of our family for years and they really are anointed ministers. Thanks for your testimony. It gives me a lot of hope.
  8. There are also many online tutoring websites too in which you can communicate with the student via chat and video messaging. that's an option if you are pressed for time or can't go to the student for whatever reason. There's also a lot of good ideas at the wahm.com and cwahm.com forums.
  9. I think working from home is the best option if available for mothers. It's so convenient. I have a small part time job online which I am grateful for. No daycare costs or gas money involved. Right now I'm studying medical billing and coding and I'll be glad when I have a good job i can work from home with.
  10. I"ve seen the gospel music channel. I'm glad I ran across it too. I used to watch TBN a lot but not so much these days. It's a really good channel. And I love Michael W. Smith.
  11. Oh wow, thanks! My daughter's third b-day is coming up and I am strapped for cash this year...it's good to know I have some freebies to fall back on. Thanks again!
  12. Hi all, my name is Sandy. I'm 23 and from Los Angeles, CA I'm married and have a beautiful 2 year old girl. Currently I'm not working but I'm an online student. I also work online a bit part time, which is good since it's better than nothing. This looks like a great site. Take care! -Sandy

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