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  1. We stayed around the house today, and my 6 year old and I read the Bible together. I explained (as much as you can to a 6 yr old) the horror of what He went through for us. We spoke very seriously, but I made it very clear to her that while it is a day that we remember how He died, we can also rejoice in Him because "It is finished"! He is no longer dead, and we understand why He didn't save Himself. It hurts us to remember what all he went through, but there is also much joy too. Today we celebrate "it is finished"!!
  2. Hi girls! Wanted to share some exciting news and ask for prayer... We put our house on the market, and got a couple of offers very quickly. We accepted an offer and put in an offer on another house. We are so excited:D, but also a bit overwhelmed:eek:. When we moved into the house we're in now, it was a new build, we were moving out of our apartment, so really no stress in that situation, we were just excited. This time, we're experiencing selling a home for the first time and putting an offer in on a home for the first time. Very stressful! We were just notified there are some things the buyer wants us to fix for him, but we don't know what yet. We want to do a conventional loan, but it's a lot more money to put down. There are so many things that are followed with the word "but". So far, God has made it very clear He is involved in this process. Things could not have gone smoother, and the timing on things has been unreal! Very cool to watch Him work in this. So I guess my prayer request is that God would turn my head from looking at all the "what if's" and look to Him. That He would give me peace to trust Him in this, knowing He knows what is best for us regardless of what happens. We're super excited and kinda on the watch and wait mode. I'll keep you all updated on what's going on. Thanks so much for your prayers!
  3. Hi Momwithaplan, I noticed your profile says you're from Gilbert. I am in Gilbert also. What church do you go to?
  4. Well girls, I had an awful weekend (eating). Last night I had a little meltdown about it to my hubby. This is something I can't overcome in my own power, I totally need HIM to rescue me from this sin of mine. Today is a new day. His mercies begin new every morning. Today, I will start out with hope, and not discouragment. I can overcome all things through HIM who strengthens me!!!
  5. That sounds like it wil be so much fun! They cam eto my elementry school a loooong time ago. I thought they were so funny. I was just taking to my hubby about seeing them again. Have a great time tonight!!!
  6. LOL tired mommy, I used to do the same thing! I am so sorry that happened. I too have experienced the same thing. Once, we had to give our daughter a time out in a store. We were in an aisle that was in the back of the store and rarely shopped in. We sat her down and told her to sit there for 3 min. She screamed and screamed. Not our proudest moment. When she got up mid time out, we sat her back down. She was loud and annoing to all the people there I'm sure, but we were very calm and gentle. We knew if we didn't follow through on our threats of a time out, she would continue to act up. Well, there was a lady in an aisle down the way. She stared us down as though she was going to punch one of us. We were not angry with our daughter, but with the way that lady was giving us the stare down, we did get far more agitated. People don't realize if they would stay out of it most times, it's better for the parent and the child. It's a terrible feeling when that happens, and I'm sorry you experienced it.
  7. Welcome! Nice to 'meet' you! Looking forward to getting to know you!
  8. I am from Az. I have been married for almost 9 years. We have one little girl who is 5 yrs old. I started out heavy that pregnancy, but was so sick, I lost 20 lbs in 6 months. The pregnancy was a very unhealthy one too. I delivered her at 27 weeks. I am confident the weight had nothing to do with the early delivery, however, it couldn't have helped. We want another baby so bad. The situation with our first one made us nervous to go back on the meds right away. (i had to take meds to get preggo) Now, I really don't want to take that step until I lose the weight. While the weight was not the cause last time, i don't want it to be a cause of anything next time. Thank you for your prayers! I will continue to pray for you, and please continue to check in. We can encourage each other throughout the process. The good news for me is, I just got back home from working out, so that's a start!
  9. Hi Jules! I can totally relate. I have a huge desire to hav another baby, but I too want to get healthy before getting pregnant. I will pray for you. Since you totally understand, would you please pray for me too? I would love to support you in this, maybe we could even support each other. So encouraging to hear from you!:)
  10. luvmyfam

    The Nook

    that comparison was very informative. I love to read, and can re-read books dozens of times. I would love to get this! I wonder if the price will come down anytime soon.
  11. luvmyfam

    The Nook

    How fun!! What is the difference between the nook and the kindle? I have seen the kindle and it is super cool!
  12. Hi everyone! Just wondering, what did you all do on New Years Eve? We used to go out a while ago, but since having our daughter, we don't. We went out for a nice meal with my in-laws, came home, put our girl to bed. At 11, we made the decision we really should stay up, just cuz. At 12 we kissed, said happy new year, and were under the covers going to sleep by 12:03. Lol, not a lot of fun, but it is my idea of a perfect new years! Curious what you all did!
  13. Christina21, I am sorry to hear you went through that. Praise the God of all comfort! I'm so thankful you are drawing from His well in this time. I never had a miscarriage, although my I had several 'attempted miscarriages'. I guess my body came close several times. I had her at 6 months gestation. I will pray for you, and your next pregnancy.
  14. I remember when I was in elementry school, a girl in a talent show doing a dance routine. Even then, at that age, I was shocked. I totally understand your concern. If it were me, I probably wouldn't take her out yet. Once she starts school, your days will be filled and you may decide for that reason alone you need to get out. Although, like heathbar said, she may decide she is sick of it by the end of the first class. On the other hand, you don't want her, at this young age seeing girls dressed like that, thinking it's ok, wanting to dress like that herself. So, are you over-reacting?... I have no idea! I don't think you are at all though. I'd be dealing with the same questions. If you can find a Christian studio, that would be the way to go.
  15. Welcome MrsTgill! I have one little girl and we got pregnant with her via clomid too. She was born 3 mths premature at 27 wks, so I really didn't have enough time to develop the gd or anything like that. How did you respond to the clomid? I got pregnant on the 2nd month, but wowee, I had a huge bad attitude while on them. It did some crazy things to my personality! Thankfully it was temporary! Looking forward to getting to know you!

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