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    I am a single mother to 3 children, 6,3 and 1! My babies are my angels and my life.


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    I have worked in sales for the last 6 years, but left 6 months ago to concentrate my energy on my children. I am starting a Sociology Degree in October 09.
  1. As a divorced woman myself, who escaped domestic violence, with no family and no where to go with 3 children - and having survived, I know God will help and support your mother. I will pray for her, and for you. Dont forget to pray for yourself - you are taking on a huge emotional burden and the Lord will help you. God bless you both, Sandy x
  2. Hi, Im a single parent to three beautiful children. I live in west sussex, England, UK. God Bless x
  3. Hi all, My names sandy, I am mum to ethan 6, Isobel 3 and Aiden 1. I am a single parent following the break up of my marraige due to domestic violence early last year. I am looking to meet new christian women, to share stories, experiences, and general life with. Ideally I would love to meet and talk to someone, who like me, loves snail mail, and would like to write a few times a month. I live in the UK, but have had penpals from all over the world! Lovely to meet you all. God Bless, Love Sandy x

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