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  1. we have just signed up another customer!!! one of the ladies is on week three and has lost a total of 15lbs and almost 10 inches in her waist!!! she feels great and is signing up friends left and right! This is an INCREDIBLE system!!! You have to get on board!!!!
  2. Hello everyone!!! My name is Jerica, I'm so excited to be on here and having an opportunity to share some incredible news! Have you ever heard of Herbalife? It is an AMAZING all-natural product that has been around for more than 25yrs! It is also #1 in the Health and Wellness industry. Herbalife is a nationally traded company on the NY Stock Exchange and has been an enormous part of the health change in mine and my families lives! As of now, 2 of my customers, in just their first 15 days of being on the product, have lost a total of 12 lbs and 7.5 inches!!! That's incredible! Right now, I am pregnant with my 3rd child and I cannot tell you have exhausting my other two pregnancies were compared to this one! Why you ask? Because I am on the Cell Vitalization program. This program consists of a multivitamin, a cell activator and also herbalifeline (aka, omega 3s, fatty acids and fish oils). My husband cannot get over the amount of energy I have at almost 7mths along! I'm telling you, this stuff is the best!!! My other two children also take what are called Kindermins, which is a multivitamin safe enough for their little bodies! They hardly EVER get sick!!! I am a distributor for herbalife and I would love nothing more than to help other Christian Moms like me to be able to have a better sense of well-being by putting the very best into your body the Lord gave you! Herbalife is natural its not some crazy over the counter or prescription diet weightloss drug! This stuff is sooo safe your little ones can take it! How awesome is that? If you're interested PLEASE contact me! I'd love to hear from you!!! Also, when you do become a customer, you're given your own PERSONAL weightloss coach to be there with you every step of the way, even on those hard days where you might have cheated a little or you feel like giving up, I'll be there to remind you of your goal and to help keep your eye on the prize! email - tompkinsherbalife@yahoo.com number - 281-479-1379 we have a facebook too, just type in Tompkins-Herbalife in the search bar I can't WAIT to hear from you!!!!

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