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  1. abc your day sounds great! I was doing well on Friday and thought I was on the mend from the flu finally. Then on Saturday it came back with full force. I am going to bed early tonight and I go back to work tomorrow. I missed 1 week of work. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the swine flu because it felt like a different type of flu. However, where I live they won't test for it unless you are in a high risk catagory. I pray that Jesus heals me. I hope you are all having a good day. Katie
  2. I've had the flu for over a week. I'm requesting prayer that I will be healed. I ask Jesus to heal me. I pray everyone stays healthy. Katie
  3. Contgratulations Heather!!!!!!! Good for you. I'm sure you will do great for the board exam! Katie PS Diamond Ring, ok thanks for letting me know, I will put prayer requests on the other thread. Katie
  4. How is your day going? My day is going well. I am finally starting to feel better from my flu. It is such a blessing. Katie
  5. I have had 4 flu's this past year. I am usually a very healthy person. There have been a lot of swine flu cases in the area that I am in. Since I work with young children I am exposed to more germs. I talked to a nurse yesterday about the vacination and she said she had the swine flu shop and had no bad side effects. My daughter gets hers on Monday. I will talk more with her doctor about it before I let her have it. Jasmine got a regular flu shot and had no adverse reaction to it, I have never had a flu shot. My sister got real sick from it so that is why I am warey. Since I have been sick with the flu so often this year, I was hoping I have built up some good imunity against it. However I would absolutely hate to get sick again. Katie
  6. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you that your baby is healthy and all is well with you. Katie
  7. I love this group. May Jesus bless all of you. I was in a moms group for 8 years. There was a time when I was even voted member of the month. Because I am a single mom and in graduate school, the part few years I was not able to post a lot. My group was like a familiar family though. I got married last May and 6 days later my husband left me and kicked me and my daughter out. I was so distraught and overwhelmed. I would post on the group very dreary posts and it was getting on everyones nerves. The members were getting upset. I lashed out at times. I was at a bad, hard place in my life. Members were getting upset because I would go on and on about my problems and never listen to their advice. I was too numb and hurt to think well. I had decided that maybe it was time for me to take a break from the group because I was at such a bad place in my life that my posts were miserable. I wasn't going to quit, but I was going to take a break for a while, possibly 2 months or so. Well, I got kicked out of the group. One thing I knew I needed to stay away from was worldly advice. I love the group, but I realized at the time, that I needed to dive into the word, get more involved with my church, Bible study and build up my faith. That is what I did. I am glad that I joined this group. I have nothing against my last group. I think that my problems needed to be dealt with by councelors and it was just too much for me to post them to the other group. There have been times in my old group that members have been kicked out and years later they get invited back. I imagine perhaps someday there will be a time for me to come back, but for now, I am still in the process of healing and going through a divorce. God is carrying me. I feel that my daughter and I are blessed. We are both happy now and have great things in our lives which are gifts from God. I thank God for this group! It is great to post, share and pray for one another. I pray we will always lift each other up with God's love. Katie
  8. Are you going to get a flu shot or not? I know some people get sick from the flu shot. My daughter got a flu shot and a few others (she is 12) that she needed. She had no side effects. On Monday, she is scheduled to get a swine flu shot. I'm a little weary because it is a new shot and hasn't been tested a whole lot. I will discuss this with the doctor. I am thinking about getting a flu shot and a swine flu shot as well. What are your thoughts on the flu shot? Have you or anyone in your family had the flu yet? I have it right now. I don't know if it is the swine flu or not because where I live they won't test you unless you are at high risk. I don't think I have it though, but since the symtoms are simular to the swine flu I am not totally sure. I pray Jesus blesses and protects you all. May Jesus keep you safe and healthy. Katie
  9. If anyone wants to share how they are doing, how their week is going or prayer requests, fee free to do so. Diamond Ring,What a lovely message. Thank you! I am in graduate school to get a Masters in education so I am quite busy. I will come here when I have free time. How are you? Thanks for your kind words and for praying for me. You are wonderful! Your toddler sounds cute. I will pray for you. That is a great prayer request, that you are able to share your faith and put God first. Jesus I pray that Diamond ring will be blessed by you with a strong and loving faith that brings so much joy. Lead her to share her faith to those who don't know you Lord. I pray she put your first Lord. Bless her and her family. I understand about your latest Bible/book study. Sometimes the studies can cause hurt to come up. I have to stand back at times too. Some women even need to see councelors if some huge pain comes up. I had that happen to me last year. A suppressed memory came up and I am in counceling now. Prayer request: I have been sick with a stomach flu and sore throat. The stomach flu is gone but I still have a sore throat. I pray God heals me. I had to take a week off of work. They don't want me there if I am sick. When I am well I am going to excercise and build up my immunity. I pray that Jesus blesses us all. Katie
  10. Welcome Lori and Sarah! I am glad you are here. Wow Japan, that sounds exciting! God bless you. Katie
  11. Faith in Jesus Christ is the most important thing. If you believe that Jesus is our savior, and that he died for our sins, that is what saves us. Jesus states that the 2 most important things are to first love God with all our heart and all our soul and to love thy neighbor. We are not to judge. Judging is sinning. As Christians we are saved by the grace of God. I grew up Catholic and was taught to love Jesus. I liked church. We are all sinners. Faith in Jesus is what saves us. Anyone from any church can attend church yet not have a strong faith. We are to carry our cross daily. I becamse born again Christian 10 years ago. I love Christian churches. I like the Bible studies, the faith, sermons and the fellowship. I believe that Catholics and anyone who believes that Jesus is Christ and they carry their cross daily, then most likely they are saved. I say most likely because it is only God who can answer that questions. Jesus came to save the world, not to condem it. If we are condeming one another we are not being like Jesus. Sorry about the way you are being treated with your posts. It is hard to not be hurt, but remember, a good, kind, gentle, accepting heart is what Jesus wants from us. Those who judge will be judged. We are all on a journey. The very people that are today putting down Catholics or any other religion may someday change their mind. There was a short time when I believed Catholics were not saved. We discussed the subject at a Bible study that stated that Catholics believe Jesus is their savior so they are Christians. I know believe that it is not the church, but the faith that saves a person. God bless you. Katie
  12. We can all post what we are up and news or prayer requests. Here is what is going on with me. My daughter Jasmine is in the 7th grade and it is her first year at Middle school. She loves it! She is involved in dance, theater and singing. I am earning my Masters degree in education and I just got a new job at a local child development center. I came down with the stomach flu though darn it! It is really going around here. This year, I have had a few colds/flu's and I think I need to get my imune system stronger. A lot probably has to do with stress. I am going through a divorce. My soon to be ex is very verbally abusive, so it is good to be away from that, but divorce is still hard nonetheless. I trust God has a plan for me and my daughter. My daughter is running for Senator at her school. She is getting all A's & B's and just joined a dance team. We quit cheer. There was one mom that gossiped too much and I didn't like the values my daughter was learning. A lot of the girls were also injuring their wrists and knees. I feel blessed with so many things. I thank God for my home, friends, food, family and most of all faith. I really like being a part of this group. My prayer request would be for my health. I pray that I stay strong in God's word, in my faith and I recover from the flu and heal from the divorce that I am going through. I pray for God's blessings and healing. Amen. I pray for the members of this group. Katie
  13. We are all on our own spritual journey. Some like worhip music more than others etc. I love Bible verses, great sermons and trying to obey God and put Him first. I notice that when I try to keep my priorities based on Christ things are better. It doesn't necessarily mean that things are easier, but I do feel more at Peace. When I first became Christian, I was worried that I would have to be against certain types of people. Then I realized that we are to love God and love thy neighbor and not be judgemental. None of us will ever be perfect, it is through Christ's grace that we are saved. I'm sick with the stomach flu and am missing church this week. I love my churh and miss it!!!! I hope you are all having a good week! Katie
  14. Hi Heather, How are you doing? I hope all is well. Katie
  15. I really hope someone s having a better week than I am. I just needing some prayer. I have never experienced so much hurt/gossip and riducule. My daugher loves cheer, but there is a mom that has been really bothering a lot of moms on the team. 3-4 families have left because of this woman. The womans daughter calls my daughter often and tells her how much her mom hates me. I have never done any sort of social interaction with this woman. Her daughter used to just come over and play and I baked her Christmas cooking every year. Suddenly things have just become so toxic. Yesterday he daughter told my daughter Jasmine that she is fat and looked pregnant. I told this girl to not treat my daughter this way, to have better manners and to not go anywhere near my daughter. I believe this girl to be nice, but she is just modeling after her mom. I think the mom is just in a lot of pain. Today this mom came to my door, rang the doorbell and started yelling at me. I refused to open the door. This ordeal has been exhausting. I feel sad that someone who has spent no time with me has that much hate for me and my daughter. I am like the neighborhood mom that all the kids like and are over to play. It seemd like out of no where her hatred gossip and has surface. Lord God I ask you to heal this mom. I just feel she is in a lot of pain. She also is a non believer and it hurts to think of her going someone besides heaven. I just keep praying for her. Meanwhile I have stressed out way too much and am really scared of her. My goodness, it is just a cheer team with girls who are supposed to be having fun. My neighbor told me that she started to become angry when she found out that I was getting married. I don't care for money too much, but it happened to be that the guy I married had a very good job and is well off. I just wanted someone nice. He acted nice until a few days after we were married, kicked me and my daughter out and abondoned me. What is there to be upset about for this mom I wonder. Anyone would be able to tell that my life isn't so great. Please Lord I pray that I forgive this mom, heal and sleep well. I need to be able to be a good mom, student and Christian. I just need prayers. Katie

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