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  1. Moments for Mom May 2008 i am interested in playing. I play outfield and short stop. Just waiting on a reply from someone for the 25th weekend. What is the cost to play?
  2. New strategy for controlling portion sizes Thanks girls. Wendy, Im not sure I dont have scale but last time I had weighed myself I only lost 5 more lbs
  3. Help me choose the title for my new book Xiao Xaio, its the best really. And since this is the poll central, why not add a poll to this thread?
  4. August 2003 Mom of the Month if all the nominated bikes have a build tread,we should include that below the pictures... i always love to read and see how much effort and time it takes to get one of the above beauties..
  5. 7 Reasons Why Not 2 Worry Im sorry, i have no tips for you, just wanted to say that what you are doing is fantastic. I hope that you settle in soon and get into the swing of things.
  6. Discipline Tips I see from my subscription copy of Practical Motorhome that they have started offering Tips for a Tenner. Any original tip for other readers that they publish will be paid £10 obviously. Could be worth getting in there MalW
  7. A Prayer of Thanks Thank you all for your prayers The Lords been moving in my grandpa lately. Hes drawing closer to God Praise the LORD Thanks, Kimberly

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