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  1. post pardom I am feeling alot better. it has been 8 days since i gave birth and this is the 2nd day that i feel like myself. (except for having fred flintstone feet lol). I have had my worship music on and made time to read the bible. It really has helped me. At night when i get up with the baby i put the Tv on to the PAX channel that has Worship music. It is so great. My son is doing better with the baby and seems to be adjusting to being a big brother. Thank you so much for the advice and help. I have been making sure to spend some time for myself. (Right now they are both napping...wheeeeewwww) and Hubby is at work today.
  2. Hi I am 27 yrs old and a mom to a 2 yr old boy ,just had another boy July 2nd. This time it is so different. I have been depressed to the extent that my days are full of tears and i actually feel that i have lost my mind at times due to this feeling of being overwhelmed. When in reality i am not overwhelmed at all. My oldest son is independent to an extent and can communicate with me telling me what me wants and needs. He has taken this new addition to the family so so. I know he has to adjust but it has broken my heart seeing him distant from me at times. It has only been 5 days since i have given birth. I almost feel like I did something wrong to my oldest son, as if i hurt him by having another child. I know it sounds crazy. Throughout these 5 days, with the post pardom, it has awakened me to see things that are wrong in my life such as i am a control freak and have not allowed God to take complete control in my life and have even doubted him as being God. That is the only positive thing about the post pardom. I am basically writing this cause i want to know what anyone has done to overcome this. I just feel alone to an extent. My hubby is great and is trying to support me but he really does not know what is going on in my head or emotions. So he can;t understand but he hears and tries his hardest to help me by listening and helping me with the kids which he is great at doing. I am thankful to God for that. please reply...

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