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  1. We had a soccer game scheduled for Monday, Oct. 5th but because of the rain it was cancelled and rescheduled for Wednesdat, Oct. 7. That Wednesday it rained in the early morning but turned out to be such a beautiful warm day and no rain clouds in the sky. We got home from school, changed our clothes, and headed out to the scheduled soccer game. Once at the field we noticed that other than my son standing on the field with his red jersey there were no other red jersey teammates in sight. The only other people on the field was a team in white and blue waiting for their other teammates to show. We waited and they waited but no one else came. To pass the time I notice that there were a few of the other teams players practicing and since we were sitting their with nothing to do I told Austin, my son, to go and see if they would let him practice with them. Of course the coach said sure that would be great. Shane, my husband, recognized the coach and went over to shake his hand and make conversation while we waited. Not five minutes later, a guy came down to the field and said that all games for today were cancelled. We all looked at each other and expressed the same feelings about the beautiful day and that the game shouldn't have been cancelled. As we were talking we also realized that the blue and white team wasn't even supposed to be playing the red team. We were supposed to play different teams all together. So anyway, Austin continued to play and have fun. We had come out for something and we might as well enjoy the time. After the players played a while we all decided that we should call it a day and head home. I gathered up our chairs and both my boys. Shane had made his way back to the coach so I decided to let him know we were ready if he was. I overheard the conversation as I was walking up. The coach asked my husband if they had any work that he could help them with. Shane, being the supervisor at his job, knew of a position that needed to be filled and that he could start next week. Shane also knew from knowing him before the pre game that he was a good worker and a reliable person so no interview was needed. After agreeing with each other on the terms and pay we said our goodbyes and headed to the car. We got almost to the car and a thought popped in my head. Maybe that is why we were there, on that field, with no other teammates, and not even supposed to play that specific team. It WAS A BEAUTIFUL DAY with no reason to canell a game. Maybe it wasn't for us that God had made a plan but, maybe for someone else. Later on that evening I couldn't help but to thank God for leading us onto that field. It may have been a waste of time for us but it wasn't for the coach who was able to find a job in these hard times. God works in ways that we can't even imagine and it's not always for us but sometimes he uses us for someone else. Brooke www.theparentsandkids.wordpress.com
  2. Hi! I'm new to this forum and I thought I would intro myself. I am a wife, outside the home partime worker, inside the home full time worker, mother of two awesome litte boys, a so so cook, a so so organizer, and a follower of Christ. I also own a blog at www.theparentsandkids.wordpress.com. I hope to be able to meet new people and share thoughts and ideas. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this forum. Brooke

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