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  1. Recipes Using Cake Mixes I think they would make great gifts too, especially for neighbors or co-workers. I bought a book recently called Gifts For Giving. It has several cake in a jar recipes, as well as different recipes for brownie, cake, cookie, and soup mixes that are layered in canning jars. They look neat and are easy to do. Ive got to get busy and decide what Im going to do this season _______________________________________ Website I designed for payday loan calgary company.
  2. Just a fun little poll A leader to me is someone who leads by example, and works to bring out the leadership qualities in others by empowering them and offering support and guidance. We live in a time where their seems to be a real lack of leadership on many levels, but Im always the optimist and look forward to a brighter future...what are the alternatives? _______________________________________ Website I designed for fast cash payday loans company.
  3. Baby Prayer Praise: last Friday we had a long talk on the way home. Made clear the important things regarding God. Prayer: he did fail one class, get a D in another, and really upset us by disobeying his curfew. Made clear the important things regarding living in this house and/or having us pay for college. _______________________________________ Website I designed for quick payday loan company.

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