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  1. We have 3 kids who are now 23, 16 and 7, and have spanked them all-when they needed it. My grown son told me a few weeks ago "thank you Mom, if you and Dad hadn't disciplined me the way that you did-I shudder to think where I would be today". You see, he has his own son now and recognizes that we spanked him because we loved him-not because we wanted to hurt him. It was to correct his bad behaviors-and it seems to have worked with our kids. I see my SIL with her 3 small children-who aren't spanked, and their house is totally chaotic, there is no spanking and the "time out" method is in all honesty-accomplishing nothing. I have never seen a house so out of control and run by the kids. I do pray for her and the kids and her hubby.
  2. We attend a Southern Baptist Church, where my Husband serves as a Deacon, I in the nursery, and both of us are very involved in our new Awana program. We have been members of our Church for 13 years. I have gone to other Churches, Freewill Baptist, Assembly of God, etc, but I knew I had found my Church *family* and was at home in our current Church the first time I visited. I just knew this was where we were supposed to be-and after alot of prayer, we know it is God's will in our lives..We both love to serve there and our brothers & sisters in Christ are the greatest bunch of folks! Our Pastor also doesn't mince words or sugarcoat anything from the pulpit-He preaches THUS SAYETH THE LORD, and that is what its all about!
  3. Kimblee

    US Election 04

    Dubya...because he IS a Godly Man and our Nation needs a GODLY Man who is willing to fall on his face and KNOW that he is not REALLY in charge of things, but that HE(THE GREAT I AM) Is!
  4. I would have to say working with Awana's is TOPS...and last but not least, MUSIC/MUSIC/MUSIC!! I am a HUGE CCM fan! I can put my headphones on or go driving alone and sing with or listen to great uplifting songs-and its the most relaxing thing for me!
  5. Mercy Me is great! As is Rachel Lampa, Newsong, Audio Adrenaline, Casting Crowns, Salvador, Nicole Nordeman, Jaci Valasquez, Scott Krippayne, Jeremy Camp, Nicole C. Mullen, Ray Boltz, I could go on and on...;-)
  6. Hi Robin...I pop in every once in awhile...needs to be more often I know...I too am a Gramma, we have 1 grandbaby-and his Dad(our son in law) is in the US Navy...we have a grown daughter, a teenage son in high school and a first grader:)
  7. Praying for your safety and the safety of your family. I've been through Hurricane Hugo back in 1989 so I know how fearful that can be.
  8. I was 31 years old when I asked Jesus into my heart:)My late Father had the most influence in my life, even though he went home to be with The Lord when I was a child. He was saved so I know I will see him again someday!
  9. Kimblee

    New Here

    Hi Kimbee, I haven't been around in awhile, now that school is out I hope to be around more...I also like your name;)
  10. I can't understand *WHY* any Christian would vote for another candidate besides George W. Bush, he's not perfect(but none but One are)-he loves the Lord and I believe that he seeks God's face before making decisions. He is my brother in Christ and I look forward to voting for him once again. I thank God that he is humble enough to realize that the things going on around him are much bigger than he is-and be willing to humble himself and hit his knee's like the rest of us and ask for guidance. I also pray for him daily...
  11. Hi Katrina, I have noticed that most Christian boards ARE struggling, in a way thats sad, but in a way-it means we're so busy doing what God would have us to do:)I know I spend way too much time online-and I'm barely on a few hours per day-sometimes not even an hour-and its mostly after the kids are in bed, thats what I call my "Mommy time":)Always nice to meet another sister in Christ:)!
  12. My youngest child has just wrapped up 4-K and I have been down in the dumps since the last day of School, I think it has alot to do with him being my last "baby", please pray for me....thank you....
  13. I too pray for our troops, my SIL is in the US military...I honestly believe that our President and his staff "Know things" that we don't know-and that they can't tell the public-to protect us..., and that they are sincere in doing this to protect us and all the citizens of our Country...did anyone else catch it when he said "wonder working power"? ;)And he mentioned God more than any President has since I've been around...Although he's not perfect and can't do everything the way all would have him to do, I believe he IS sincere with his realtionship with God...I pray for our President daily and am a member of the official Presidential prayer team...I also know that nothing is going to happen to the USA(or anybody or anything) that don't have to go through God's hands first, I am trusting in GOD to keep us safe and whatever happens, may it be HIS will and not my own...God is still on His Throne!
  14. How do you handle depression? I'd appreciate any and all answers/idea's...tks
  15. I pray its a great year for you all! May God's Blessings be upon you!
  16. These stories become more horrible than the last, it breaks my heart that adults can hurt such precious innocence, its sad they couldn't use any of his organs because so many people are waiting:(
  17. I had been chatting with a very nice person yesterday, we found we had alot in common with our kids and our area's, etc, and I thought we were fast becoming friends, well, once she found out I am a Christian the chatting stopped. I know I shouldn't care but it gets disheartening sometimes...:*(
  18. Well I REALLY like Mercy Me, their song "I can only Imagine" is super! Brothers Keeper is also good-"Take me to The Cross" is a goodie, plus Nicole C. Mullens "Call On Jesus" and "Redeemer" are very special songs! Michael W. Smith's "Above All" is good, as well as Rebecca St. James song "Song Of Love"...Hope your not sorry you asked now...:)lol
  19. I am really into the new CCM sound, with groups like Newsong, Avalon and Third Day being my favorites, anyone else like this style of music as much as I?
  20. Oh I love John Hagee to! I have 3 of his books, and they have helped me tremendously! The ones I have are "From Daniel To Doomsday", "Final Dawn Over Jerusalem", and "Day of Deception". I watch Cornerstone as often as I can:)My hubby like Chuck Swindoll....and we both like CS Lewis:)
  21. Gotta be either David Jeremiah or Max Lucado for me...Max's book "God Came Near" affected me in ways I hadn't imagined...it was instrumental in drawing me closer to God....I highly recommend it.
  22. I didn't grow up in Church, so as a kid we all dressed up and went trick or treating. When I became a Christian my entire view of halloween changed. I am a baptist and I applaud anyone who doesn't bother to acknowledge anything that has to do with satan and evil stuff...we have what we call a "fall festival" and we have games and give out candy to the kids, we bob for apples and have cake walks and hay rides, and we do this on October 26th. Its a safe alternative to trick or treating and the right alternative for my kids and our family....
  23. I found a great Christian Mom's "get together" type board...I just joined myself:)Its called JUST US MOMS... http://pub56.ezboard.com/bjustusmoms
  24. This looks like a great bunch of ladies on this site... http://pub56.ezboard.com/bjustusmoms
  25. I would like to share a link to a wonderful board for Christian Mom's: http://pub56.ezboard.com/bjustusmoms

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