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    Wanting to grow in my relationship with Jesus and others!


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    reading.....computer games...movies....starting to sew again, sometimes.....crocheting again, sometimes.....baking......


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  1. YES......YES......and AMEN! Praise our God, Thank You JESUS! MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  2. Song of Joy


    James Robison {of Life Today}, check out how his mother became pregnant with him. Look at the lives he has ministered too and brought to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ......He is a living testimony of the power of God!!!!
  3. I can relate mom-of-faith....stuff like that makes me uncomfortable. I don't like it either.
  4. I just read her latest blog..... WOW! I am so encouraged! Thank you for sharing that.....
  5. Welcome Mom-of-Faith.... I am new too, and wanted to meet other Christian women and had the same idea to look on-line! Looking forward to getting to know you and others here!
  6. Title: Divine Disruption Scriptures: prov.22:1~1Pet.4:14 ~Matt. 5:11~ Luke3:23 Description:Joseph put up with a bad ruined reputation because he heard from God{the angel in his dream}and he had a purpose to his life....{take Mary to be his wife and raise Jesus as his son} He heard from God and obeyed. He had to put up with those who did not believe him, he put up with those who thought he was crazy, he put up with those who thought the law should be carried out by stoning Mary, he cared what God thought more than all of that....he heard from God and obeyed Him! How did it touch you? It touched me because I care too much what people think. Even when I have God's Word....I sometimes doubt.... How can I apply it in the week to come? Care what God thinks, believe His Word, live like it.
  7. Those are great! Thanks for sharing those!!
  8. Thank you all for the warm welcome, and welcome to you too Renny! Looking forward to chatting with you all too!!
  9. Jen, I am so sorry to hear what happened.... I prayed for your husband and family!
  10. Hello Sisters! I had already posted in the book section but did not post here in the introduction!!! So....... Hello! Hoping to meet friends and fellowship! blessings, Song of Joy

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