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  1. Hope he is Ok and glad to hear his injuries aren't serious. I think somethings just happen it may not have a significant reason or meaning behind it. I fell last Jan on the ice and fractured my left elbow i had a splint from my shoulder to my pinky for 8 weeks and I am left handed it sucked I couldn't even wash my hair someone had to do it for me. I don;t think it had a meaning behind it other than I slipped and lost my footing...
  2. I red your comment.Well nice information sharing,i must say I am really pleased to see such article sharing at the community.Many people are just start the activity as craze,but the information that you have shared is must known to them.Please try to share more articles like this one,that is really superb. Thank you for sharing such nice post.
  3. First Hello to Everyone, I am new and this is my first forum entry here. Since I am new to forum community and I feel I am in midst of my own learning curve. I feel sometimes, that I have to learn a lot, hope you guys have patient on me. Thank you for sharing the post.I have surfed this site and found many interesting topics.I like forum discussion and It is one of my hobby.I thinks it's too interesting people share their thoughts and try too solve other people's problem. Other then that I like to play games.

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