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  1. Thanks, ladies, for responding. Getting back to things I enjoy like sewing, reading, taking walks and taking care of myself makes me feel better and my husband appreciates it, too!
  2. I am working on getting back to my "old" self in regards to how I used to look, time for myself, my interests, etc - before babies. As a stay-at-home mom this has been especially difficult for me. I've started small, with getting my nails done again like I used to. What did you do to get back to yourself? I'd love some new ideas! Thanks! BTW . . . my baby girl is TWO today! Happy Birthday Sabrina!
  3. Hi Ruth. Welcome! I'm so glad I read your post I am sorry about the pains you are going through with your divorce. I've been there, and the emotions are no picnic. I didn't have children at the time and can only imagine how much your pain is heightened. What I can tell you is that God will bring you through it all. I'm new here, and I've noticed there aren't too many posters, but please keep coming. A thread that may encourage you is the "song of the day" thread. It's full of the words to Christian songs and will uplift you. You are loved, my sister, and God bless!
  4. Thanks for the great recipe - I'm always looking for new ways to get my picky eaters to enjoy healthy foods
  5. No Weapon (Fred Hammond) No weapon formed against me shall prosper It won't work No weapon formed against me shall prosper It won't work God will do what He said He would do He will stand by His word He will come through (x2) No weapon formed against me shall prosper It won't work God will do what He said He would do He's not a man that He should lie He will come through Oh I won't be afraid of the arrow by day By the hands of my enemies I will stand my ground with the Lord on my side For the snares they have set will not succeed Oh no weapon . . . Formed against me shall prosper It won't work . . . It won't work It won't work No, no, no . . . No weapon . . .
  6. This is an old negro spiritual me and my Grandma used to sing together (please don't be offended by my use of the word "negro", I'm Black) He's sweet I know He's sweet I know Dark clouds may rise and stormy winds may blow But I'll tell the world wherever I go That I've found a Savior and He's sweet I know!
  7. Jonathan Phillips, Arrow Records When I say Your Name I feel strong When I say Your Name I feel like holding on When I feel Your love When I feel Your love All I can say, all I can say is You're Unbelievable When I say Your Name everything is changed When I say Your Name everything is so clear When I feel Your love When I feel Your love All I can say All I can say is . . You're Unbelievable You're Unbelievable You're Unbelievable Oh Yes! You're Unbelievable Oh Yes! You're Unbelievable . . .
  8. I wanted to ask if you all would share your spring cleaning tips/ideas. I'm making the list for the kids medicine cabinet, desk and updating my silk flowers. What do you do? I can't wait to read your ideas, and thanks for sharing!
  9. Adammark, Welcome to the site! You'll have a good time here. I'm new, too, and everyone is really nice. God bless you!
  10. Ah, I gotcha LOL. I'm a SAHM and I love to get out of the house, too I'm the mint leaves in the ice cubes and sorbet kind of girl myself, and my suggestion is very, as my hubby tells me all the time, "Martha Stewartish." Boy do I know how it feels to miss family and friends. I pray you have a blast turning 30 - it's special to celebrate your life, wherever you are.
  11. You could have a picnic in your living room. Put the picnic tablecloth on the floor, have your favorite music playing, decorate with items of your favorite color. Pretty glasses with your favorite beverage, scented candles. In the picnic basket, instead of food, would be your birthday gifts. Then maybe you could dance if you guys like to dance, and just have a great time together. Some fun way to celebrate until you get back home. I know it sounds more like a Valentine's deal, but it really is fun to do for a birthday, too. You want to be home, and I understand that, since we moved away from my family and I haven't been able to celebrate with family and friends, either. So I hope you find a fun way to bring in your birthday until you get home. Happy Birthday to you in advance! God bless
  12. Daniel, Caleb, Israel, Jordan, Timothy, John, Joel, Nathan, Aaron, Michael, Josiah, Darius, Othniel, Isaac, Hezekiah, Jeiel, David, Jesse, Joshua, Peter, Titus Hannah, Ruth, Elizabeth, Martha, Mary, Esther, Orpah, Vashti, Michaela (feminine form of Michael, means "one who is like the Lord"), Damaris, Naomi, Priscilla, Claudia, Deborah Hope this helps! God bless.
  13. I'm new too. So far it's been a nice place to "meet" other Christian women. Another place you might visit is cmomb.com (Christian Moms of Many Blessings).
  14. My sister was always in the process of losing weight when she got pregnant with each of her kids - #4 is due in seven weeks. I got pregnant with our daughter after I'd lost about 30 lbs from my previous pregnancy. I'm very excited for you! I can relate to the other issue as well, and will pray with you. God answers. My husband had three children from a previous relationship and he said he didn't know if he wanted more. But, we have two blessings from God. There's nothing like having your own in addition to your "bonus" children. God bless you!
  15. Wow, thanks for the welcome guys! It really lifted me up just now to read these simple messages. Thanks again!

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