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    Newlywed, step mom of 2, losing weight in hopes of trying for a baby in September!


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  1. Hey Ladies! Thank you so much for ur encouragement. I will be praying for u also. I think ur prayers are already helping! My husband is talking about it more and making these comments about us having a girl or boy... and how if I am pregnant next year, coaching basketball wouldnt be good. Before we didnt even say the word baby. Our talk was 3 days ago...and just since yesterday he has started talking about it. I thank u so much! I know these are the reason he is opening up to this! Please keep it up! Just an update!
  2. Thank u Rhonda! Ur so sweet! I really appreciate ur uplifting spirit! Lov,Jules
  3. I will definately pary for u! Where r u from? I really appreciate it...I need millions of prayers! What is ur story? Lov,Jules
  4. Well ladies.. I am new here, but I wanted some place to speak about this issue. Especially, since it is something my husband and I arent advertising. I have been praying so hard about having a baby. Now, I want to be healthy before I get pregnant, so I already decided I wanted to lose around 75 lbs! My husband was married before and has 2 lil boys, one is 6 and the other is 8. I love them,but I didnt get to carry them, give birth to them, or even change diapers. I am longing to do these things. My husband is unsure about the idea of having a baby around, u know starting all over. I have been really sad about this, and I have been praying for a couple months. The other day, we talked about it. He saw me crying, and pouring my heart out. He is being very supportive now, but hesitant. But he said, we will pray about it for the next 9 months, and I will continue to lose my weight so I can have a healthy baby. I know he is sincere, and I am praying that maybe he finally saw my heart. He will pray, as he is such a faithful man of God, we will also pray together. I am asking u to pray also, that God may give him the desire I have, or see how much my desire is, that he decides to bless me. It is God's timing, and he said in September we will start trying. I am a teacher, so having a baby in the summer is ideal for me. That's my motivation. I can lose this weight..i have to. I have lost 6.2 lbs in the last 2 weeks, I have been waking up every day at 5:30 AM before work to run a mile, and I am eating right! I would love ur prayers, encouragements, and comments! Thanks, Jules:o

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