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    Im a born again Christian and single mom of 3 kids. I yearn to grow in the kingdom of God and discover what He has called me to do.


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    Nairobi, Kenya


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    Reading motivational books, listening to gospel music, swimming and playing basketball


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  1. Thank you DiamondRing, Cookie and momwithaplan. Thank you for your encouragement and advice, I feel sooooo! at home. I don't know spanish and Im humored by what my screen name means, I had no clue.
  2. Hi Babycakes49, I would love to have a prayer partner too. Prayers have no boundaries, no matter the distance we can fast and pray on issues together.
  3. Hi, My name is Ruth and Im a divorced mom of 3 kids living in Nairobi, Kenya. Today when I got to the office I realized that I have been suppressing alot of emotions, this has been as a result of having no friends to confide in. Im going through a major transformation moment in my life, surrounded by rejection and lonelyness. I came across ChristianMoM while surfing the net. I need friends especially moms like me to relate with to encourage and pray together. Im so glad to join you all. God bless you. Ruth

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