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  1. Hi all. Have decided to stay at my church for the moment. I did address a few things with the pastor, that I believe God wanted me to say and she has dealt with one of them. As we can see from Diamond Ring's posts, it isn't easy finding the perfect fit of church. Personally, I would rather have a male pastor, but I also need a church where English is spoken. So sometimes, a few things arn't to your taste but others are great. It isnt easy, plus, we are called to love and unity in the body. Worship can definitely make it or break it for you. Ps I passed my driver's just yesterday! Love and hugs Ps 2 been a bit taken up with parking practice and all!
  2. Dearest Lord, I pray that Your will be done for Larry.Please draw him and his mom close to you. Please bless them and keep them. May Your face shine upon them and give them Your peace. In Jesus' precious name, Amen.
  3. Please pray for me and my church too. There is much good there and I love the people, but I think we need more of the Word and less emotion and feelings. ( The Pastor is a woman.) Thanks guys, love Alison
  4. Hi! Sorry for not popping in for so long! We have been painting and decorating. I wonder if God sometimes takes one of His children home before they can do too much harm to themselves and others?
  5. Welcome! May the Lord Bless you and keep you, May He shine His face upon you And give you His peace!
  6. Yes, I agree. The Bible speaks of those who long for the Lord's return! Jesus must mean more than anything else to us. The soon return of our Bridegroom should be top priority with us. Also, we will become more effective in our Christian walk as a sense of urgency hits us. Maranatha Lord Jesus! Love to all!
  7. Hi! and welcome! I am going to visit your blog just now. I also write and know how you feel! I have four children and live in South Africa. You can read some of my writing at my site janiceandfriends.weebly.com. Maybe we can encourage one another. Love and Blessings, Alison
  8. Amen! That sure sounds like a God plan you have going there! I will definitely pray for you and for them. The Lord will bless you for your obedience. Sometimes we feel silly or weird, but it is such a joy knowing that God is smiling down on us and saying well done. It is all about Jesus and His Kingdom. I am glad that things are so much better for you and your family. Bless you.
  9. Pray before you do anything. Try to find out more about him, then perhaps you can write to him. I think it would be easier to write at first. May God bless you, lead you, guide you and help you, in Jesus' name, Amen.
  10. Hi! I will try Bing. Napa sounds lovely. I remember seeing it in a film. My favourite Christian books are by Beverley Lewis who writes about the Amish and Pennsylvania. I would love to see it. I remember reading about Shoefly pie. Being in the Western Cape, there are a lot of wine routes around here. All very picturesque. Keep smiling, blessings
  11. Just thought I'd tell you all something about Velddrif, South Africa, the little corner of the globe where I live. We are about an hour and a half's drive from Cape Town on the West Coast. Velddrif is a small town straddling the banks of the Berg River. Every year, the Berg River Canoe marathon ends here. It is and important wetlands area for many different birds. There are reeds for Red Bishops to nest in. We also have pelicans, flamingos, spoonbills, kingfishers, snake birds and many other waders. The river is one road down from us and it is very peaceful. There is a salt factory and of course, the coastline which is still very wild. Unfortunately, people here are still quite suspicious of each other and the different race groups tend to keep to themselves. But I go to a very Spirit filled church which is mixed. In fact there are more coloured people than whites and our pastor is a woman. So God is bringing people together. Velddrif has always been a fishing community. The little lane that runs parralel to the river is lined with small fish factories, where small fish called Bokkoms are salted and hung out to dry. It's rather like fish jerky or biltong as we call it! Obviously, this is an ideal place to homeschool. God led me to homeschool, but there are in fact no English language schools here. The children have learnt a lot from the river and so have I! My husband is not involved with fish at all, he is a Blockman and Butchery manager! Lots of love, Alison
  12. Dear DiamondRing, what a hard, hard, place to be, yet not in vain or without a reason and God is definitely in this too, for He is ministering to you and your family. To think Jesus died for us and for these people too! That He cries for them. Let's pray that He'll give you His love for these precious souls. Time is so short and they are lost and destined for Hell. Ask Jesus for courage. This is going to sound weird and very foolish! Wait 'til one of them appears, perhaps one of the woman. Tell her, "God loves you" and hand her a beautifully wrapped gift with a bow on it. Inside can be a couple of items which the Holy Spirit leads you to give, maybe something of yours, perhaps a Bible, a little book, a CD or DVD like Indescribable, I don't know, You will. We will pray for an oppurtunity and that he/she will accept your foolish gift in stunned silence. And if not these, then the next lost soul God places on your heart. Love, hugs, prayers, Alison
  13. Will keep you in my prayers. Play some loud praise and worship when your rabbits give you trouble again! Thanks for the smile. Blessings and love
  14. It's funny I guess, but may be helpful. Waiting for baby to come, (I've had four) is rather like waiting for Jesus to return. He promised that He would come back so that we could be where He is, with Him forever. Each day, we open the curtains and say, could this be the day Lord? We live in expectation, hoping to see His face today. I remember with each baby, laying clothes out each night, counting contractions and the utter disapointment when they fizzled out to nothing! All I wanted was to see their little faces! But it was always definitely worth the wait! Blessings, prayers and strength to all the Moms.

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