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    I am a Christian mom. I have a wonderful husband to whom I have been married for almost 40 years. We have been blessed with 10 great children (2 girls and 8 boys). My fave verse is Phillipians 4:13. My family and I love the Lord!


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    I live in PA and you can usually find me in the kitchen or the laundry room.


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    Cooking, sewing, volunteering at my church and at the kids' school, reading, and Internet Marketing.


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    I am a mom so I don't work outside my home.
  1. I can't wait to get to read about stuff as you expand upon each topic. I think that's so important that we try and help each other, jpolimino. For so many new mommies there is no help to answer questions about what kinds of things they should exposing their children to. After all, we know that children don't come with a handbook. There is no manual to tell us moms how the best way to do things might be. The most valuable thing we can do is encouraging them to love the Lord and ask for God's strength and help. He will guide them down the path of raising our children. We can share our two cents worth too; in the biz of having kids experience counts a lot. Praying for you, texasmommy! Just the fact that you want to try to be a better mom means that the Lord will bless you and help you to do it. That's awesome!
  2. Hip, hip, hooray for you Diamond Ring. Children are indeed gifts fro God. We never practiced birth control b/c we always said it was up to the Lord whether he blessed us with kids or not. He did! I know that it was a God thing b/c my sister was never able to have children of her own and ended up adopting. When the kids were little and we would all go out someplace people would ask me, "Are you crazy or are you Catholic?" I would respond that I guessed to them I was crazy, but to me I was blessed! Or they would see all the children and say "God bless you" and I would reply "Yes, He certainly has!" You go girl! Good for you!
  3. I guess I should thanks Diamond Ring for the enlightenment. I use OMG all the time, but that's b/c I thought it just stood for oh my gosh! I have probably even posted it on here somewhere. Sorry if I offended anyone. I would never use our Lord's name so trivially. That would be blasphemous! You are blessed Diamond Ring to have a child who is so wary of things offered by the secular world. It's really not easy these days being a parent and trying to raise your child up the way you think God wants them to be. That's why all my kids go to Christian school. We tried the public schools for a time but it was just too difficult for the kids to be constantly bombarded for the way they believed and they didn't like it. I agree that The Blind Side was very good. Nice to see someone thinking about others rather than just themselves. Not mentioning Jesus' name though was a little buggy...we end every prayer with "in Jesus' name we pray" so when we don't hear that it doesn't sound like a prayer. Oh well...I guess that's just us. Hooray for you, director.lionel! It is so refreshing to hear that there is actually a filmmaker who is concerned about what our children are watching. I have never watched any of the Twilight movies (nor has anyone I know) but I can attest to the fact that when I was little vampire and werewolf movies amused me. I was always relieved by the fact that there was God and His goodness who could counteract their evil ways. That is missing in today's movies and I'm sure that has something to do with why they are no longer appealing to me. What's interesting to me is that all this will work out for good. God promises us that! BTW, director.lionel...what magazine? I chose the name momsense b/c I have 10 kids and momsense (which is God given) and God have always been what I have relied on.
  4. Hope the fb thing turns out well. I do know a lot of ppl who frequent fb so I will let them know about the link. Praying for your friend's son to have a rapid recovery!
  5. I am glad to hear Diamond Ring that you are having some peace through this crisis. I am sure that you and your dh being able to talk lightened his heart also. That is so crucial to where he is coming from. If he feels like you are supporting him and not abandoning him he will be so much more willing and able to receive the help he needs. It's sort of a case of "love the sinner; hate the sin". Maybe his issue is not so much with the looking at pictures of young girls after all; maybe that is just a symptom of something deeper. I know God can help with that. Keep praying for your husband and I will keep praying for you! Praying for you both to have a good weekend too!
  6. Thanks gmapatgardner for saying you liked my UN. Actually, it has to do with all those things that you mentioned. I do think that moms have a lot of sense. I think that God compensated moms with more sense for the job they do. I guess I chose that b/c I have 10 kids and have been a stay at home mom for almost 40 years...to me that makes sense...momsense!
  7. I agree with heathbar that until he realizes that he needs help no one can help him. He has to want the help for it to do any good. Maybe some people don't really believe in the power of prayer. I do and I know, first hand, that it is an amazing tool which we do not use enough in this world. We'd be a lot better off if people were praying more and acting less. Yes you do need to make him realize that this is a serious issue to you. Don't be an enabler anymore. Tell him things have got to change and they are going to start with you. Don't chase after him. Maybe he is lying because he is afraid of you and what you will think of him. Remember that you are not a prosecutor ready to charge him with blame for everything. Let him feel your concern and love not your wrath and disappointment. Only you know your situation. You cannot remain there if your situation puts you or your daughter in harm's way, but separate if that's the case. I would never advocate divorce. You also have to take into consideration your daughter's feelings. Maybe you would be harming her more by leaving. She does sound wise beyond her years so I think you should listen to what she is saying. Now here is what I think about abandoning your dh because he has sinned. What's that about? We have all sinned; read Romans 3:23. Did Christ abandon us because we were sinners? It sounds like your dh is asking for help. The fact that he suggested counseling is a good sign. Praying for you and yours, Diamond Ring!
  8. AMEN, sahm629! As you know from my earlier post, I agree totally!
  9. I saw LHOP a lot; Dr Q only once in a while. I think that is why I would have to say LHOP. Plus it's fun to see how much everyone has grown and changed, like Melissa Gilbert.
  10. Nope! I figure you can either trust your dh or you don't. If you don't then it doesn't matter how long he spends with someone else or where they are...if you do then I think the same is true!
  11. Don't use FB or Twitter. Thought about it alot being that social networks are the thing nowadays to stay in touch with many but I decided against it. For one thing I don't like that everything you post seems to go everywhere. I tried MySpace a couple of years ago and that was a time hog. I don't have time for that. Good grief, I hardly have time for this and at least I feel like you all are Christian friends.
  12. OMG, Diamond Ring. I am so sorry to hear about the situation that you are in. Before I say anything just let me say this. You know me a little from having been on here a while; also being sisters in Christ plus being from the same area. We do miss you here in Amish country! You know though that this is my 2 cents; strictly opinion; no professional input. In my opinion, if you are not in danger then stay with him. God puts people together for a reason. Maybe that reason is that he really needs you right now. He recognizes that this is a sinful temptation; you said he said that. If he feels that he couldn't be honest with you earlier maybe it is because he feels that you are judging him. Please don't do this; I know that it is a human tendency, but it is God's job. If you leave your husband now he will know that you are judgmental and that is not a good thing. You are a child of God and you know that, as a wife, your place is to be in support of your husband. You should strive to be a Proverbs woman and running away is not the way to do that. I have battled a lot of demons over the years with my husband and at times I even wondered to myself if I was doing the right thing staying with him...now after almost 40 years I know that it definitely was the right thing to do. We have not battled any of those demons for years and I attribute that to the fact that we pray together. I also pray for him. And I pray for my children. It seems sometimes as though I am praying constantly, but that is what the Bible tells us to do anyway. Pray without ceasing. Why would it be more acceptable in your mind if it was older women? A sin is a sin. There are no degrees. It's black or white...no gray areas. That would be like being a little pregnant? What's that about? Your children and your husband need you more than ever right now to be strong. Trust in the Lord and pray to Him. He will watch over you and your daughter. I know that your daughter is an enormous issue for you, but try not to let it be. God is watching over her. Do you really trust God or do you just say you trust God when things are okay and it's the right time for you? I will also be praying for you and your family and your husband!!!!!! Hang in there if you can, Diamond Ring. Have you ever heard how some people give up just before the miracle? Is that what you'd be doing by leaving your husband? Maybe leaving your husband is a big question because you dislike it where you are so much. Forget about that for a while. Remember grow where you are planted. That's what God wants. Pray together and you'll stay together. Again, like I said, that's just my 2 cents. Take care! Love in Christ!
  13. This is so exciting! It just reinforces the pride I have for my children when people compliment me on their behavior. Yes, they definitely have made their share of mistakes, but the good news is that it only happens at home and not in front of others. I have 10 kids and when I think of all the happiness they always give me it only makes me wish that I had more!
  14. Those things are all really important. You and your mom pretty much covered everything. There is just one little thing that I might add (it may even be in your Part 1 post; I haven't got to read that yet). Everything in your list is about teaching your kids, either one on one teaching or teaching by example. I think the most valuable thing you can give your children is prayer. Pray for them. Pray alot! Pray all the time! It's such a tough world out there; not like when I was a kid...so many challenges, so many temptations. Pray for them when they are gone from home, pray for them when they are on the road, pray for them when they are out with other people. The best part is that I can still pray for my children that aren't home anymore!
  15. My child is only allowed to go the movie theater to see movies which my DH and I approve of first. Nothing over a PG13, which is getting harder and harder to come by. Almost any movie these days is at least an R. We really can't be too controlling over what he gets to go see...there's almost nothing available anymore that doesn't have cursing, nudity, violence. We try to limit his exposure to this stuff though when we can. He really doesn't mind. When the kids were younger we bought all the Feature Films For Families and that was pretty much all the kids got to watch. Those and Disney movies. Nowadays though you even have to be careful about Disney movies...crazy, huh?

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