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  1. I just started watching Dr Quinn on GMC and I remember watching LHOP a lot a few years ago. Which show do you like better and why? I'm thinking Dr Quinn, but something has to be said for Little House too.
  2. Momsense, I love your username! Does it have to do with moms having good sense, or is it about our keen "sixth" sense to always be able to know when our children are about to cause trouble? Are you going to watch season 6 when it starts September 6th?
  3. Nobody likes Dr Quinn? That's too bad! I found a show guide for it http://www.watchdrquinn.com
  4. Wow, that's incredible! Although they are great names.
  5. Hi everyone! My grandson, Jonathan, told me that Dr Quinn Medicine Woman is being aired from beginning to end on GMC! According to the email he sent me, it's on at 6 & 7 pm eastern time. He says they're going to show season six starting beginning September 6th. I've been watching the show for some years now, but they never seem to show anything from the last season. I want to know what happens to Sully! God Bless!
  6. Hi! I'm Pat. I raised two wonderful children, Lisa and Edward. I have three beautiful grandchildren: Christian 14, Lara 20, Jonathan 19. I'm retired from work and raising children God bless!

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