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  1. Thanks for your posts! Have a good trip to Michigan!
  2. Thanks for clarifying everything. It's great you have first hand experience with the Amish, which seems very positive! I think a lot of people (like myself) only know of the Amish from how they're portrayed in the media. I still remember the movie "Witness." I thought it was great, but I have no idea how accurate the portrayal of the Amish was. Thanks also for filling me on the song.
  3. Hi DiamondRing! Thanks for letting me know a little about your Christian background. I don't think I've ever met anyone from an Amish family. Interesting your experience with the name of Jesus. I must say I'm glad you learned about the power of His name and our need and privilege to use it. Yes, it's holy, but the Lord revealed it to mankind for a reason...that we would call on Him! Really, a Christian song in a secular commercial?? Wow, I'm really curious. Which commercial and song? I'd like to look it up. But that's an interesting and funny insight into how some Christian Thanksgiving dinners are. I'm wondering if it's a legitimate custom you're describing or more an unfortunate snapshot of how Christ has become an often an ignored guest in Christian American dining rooms. Hmm... Hi Momsense! Thanks for the affirmation! Being a Christian filmmaker, sometimes I feel like I'm fighting a lonely, uphill battle. It's great to hear a cheer from my Christian brothers and sisters like yourself once in a while. Praise God, though, I do have another preview screening of long-distance princess coming up on Sept. 3 at a church. If you could pray for us and the audience (mostly youth this time), that would be great! Wow, 10 kids!! Praise God, you must have a lot of momsense indeed! Btw, here's a link to Momsense magazine: http://www.mops.org/page.php?pageid=547
  4. Does this discussion also include gents? Yes, I use facebook all the time. I can't say I love it or how fun it is. But seeing how web 2.0 is such an integral part of so many lives, I feel I need to. For me, I probably wouldn't use the "find us" tab. But then again, I'm not a mom so... But I think it would be a great promotional tool if you don't already have a Christian Mom page. It's a great way to be interactive with the community here, many of whom probably would like regular posts and thoughts to encourage them through their daily walk as a Christian mom. It would probably also boost your visibility in general. There are probably many fb mom's who don't know about this site, but may be looking for some Christian encouragement on fb. I think it would be a good tool to grow this community even more. If you do have a page, please let me know so I can be a fan of it, and then my Christian friends who are moms will be able to see that and hopefully become fans, too.
  5. Hi Diamond Ring! Thanks for your sharing! I'm truly amazed your daughter has such godly standards for her age. You must be a terrific model of what it means to follow Jesus in a real, practical way. I suspect you must have invested hours and hours of prayer into her life. She seems to be protected and inspired by the Holy Spirit in a uniquely powerful way. I'm also touched that even though she is your own child of only 12 years old, you learn from her. That's a rare spirit of humility! I laugh at your candid critique of Iron Man 2. Honestly, I haven't seen it yet. I do plan to, but I hope it won't end up being $11 nap. Thanks for helping me keep my expectations in check. =) Yeah, sadly, Hollywood has been anti-Christian and historically so. It's been atheistic at the least and agnostic at best. Hollywood heads have been so intoxicated by their own press, glamor and success, that they have no need or perception of God. They often mock Him, by abusing His name and His people as if subconsciously daring God to do something to them. And He does by giving them over to their own exploits (Rom. 1:18-32), though they don't realize it. Hence the widespread addiction to alcohol, crack and a whole catalog of barbiturates as well as rampant marital and relational failures. I'm still hoping that God will raise up a generation of filmmakers and artists who will stand up in the industry and help break the dark strongholds that are there. I pray that there will be revival in Hollywood. Otherwise, who knows...that part of California does lie close to some very powerful earthquake fault lines. I also saw "Blindside" and enjoyed it for the most part. However, I felt that, though the family was Christian, it wasn't an especially accurate portrayal in that they never mentioned Jesus by name, not even in their dinner prayer. I felt it was another studio sanitization ploy in an attempt to make it more "marketable." The bulk of Hollywood producers have yet to respect the sensitivities and, yes, even market power of the Christian community to their disadvantage. Movies like "Facing the Giants" and "Fireproof," unapologetically and positively feature the name of Jesus, and were actually quite profitable in terms of return on investment. (Not surprisingly, they were made by independents outside the big studio system.) Even without the heavy Hollywood marketing machinery, those movies still did relatively well. But still, mainstream Hollywood either fails to perceive such success and potential or chooses to ignore them. There's really an unspoken cultural-values war going on. I've seen all the Twilight movies (for my personal research =] ). I understand their appeal to the demographic. But, ultimately, the premise of good nether beings vs. bad is dubious. And it's completely bereft of spiritual truth. There's no hint of the power of a Supernatural Benevolent who can thwart the dark powers. At least the old school vampire and werewolf movies had that. Ultimately, you and your family aren't missing much. But you probably suspected that.
  6. Hi Momsense (Is your name related to the magazine?). Thanks for chiming in. I appreciate your sharing about what goes into your movie decision making. You're right about the state of movies now. Actually, even with the PG and PG13 ratings, the MPAA (the organization which determines the ratings) allows for a certain level and quota of profanity for each rating, respectively. And, yeah, even family-oriented Disney is driven by very strong humanistic concepts, which aren't necessarily biblical. Though, at least, they do try to be ethical. And when it came to my own screenplay, I really tried to keep families in mind. I did strive to be as real as possible since that's what teens relate to (and actually any movie goer). But I felt I could do it without the "cursing, nudity, violence" just as you mentioned. That's why the parents of the teen actors we cast were so relieved when they read my script and heartily endorsed their kids' roles in it. Again, thanks for sharing. It's encouraging to know my approach isn't obsolete, and there are parents out there who may be looking for these kinds of movies.
  7. Hello! I'm a Christian filmmaker, and I did an interview with Movie Mom, Nell Minow, who's also a Rotten Tomatoes Critic. Here's one of the questions and my answer: Why do you think so few movies communicate meaningfully to teenagers? Most Hollywood executives are not out to communicate but to market. Money, aka the prohibitive cost of making and marketing a film, so dominates the landscape that executives--the money men--have reign of the regime and not the artists, visionaries nor auteurs, of whom the latter are now industry relics. Studios can't afford to take risks on niche movies that don't have obvious mainstream allure. And, so they make movies that appeal viscerally with the lowest common denominators (explosions, skin, weed, 3D, etc.) to fill seats in the theaters. If you'd like to read more, here's the link: http://blog.beliefnet.com/moviemom/2010/07/interview-lionel-chew-of-long-.html I'm curious to know as a filmmaker, what things do you consider when deciding whether or not to let your child or children watch a movie? Lionel

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