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    I am a mom of 2 wonderful blessings and I work from home!


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    scrapbooking, interior design,reading, writing


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    Marketing Exec http://www.internetceomoms.com/westfamily
  1. I am checking it out now. I love blogs thanks so much for sharing :-)
  2. checking it out now. My blog is http://www.zackandryrysmommy.blogspot.com
  3. SO EXCITED Going to check it out! thanks so much for sharing!
  4. Hey Ladies. I am so glad that I stumbled upon this site. I just wanted to share quickly a great Work at home Oppurtunity For anyone looking to earn a little bit of extra money or work full time from home. The website is http://www.internetceomoms.com/westfamily NO Parties! No Inventory! Just a fun group of Women all with similar goals! Cant wait to share more with yoU! Have a blessed Day Ceo Mom Jessica West
  5. GREAT LIST and I have to admit I dont do these things daily with my children. But I VOW right here and Now to God and everyone of you one here I am going to TRY REALLY HARD TO BE A BETTER MOMMY!

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