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    I am a WAHM and love it! I have an amazing husband and business partner Dave we are the proud parents to Tanya age 17, Dylan age 15, Alexis age 11 and Autumn age 2.


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    Fultonville, NY


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    Spending time wtih my family, outdoor activites, laying on th beach


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    Work at Home Mom as an Independent Scentsy Consultant
  1. I am new here and would like to introduce myself. I am a stay at home mom of 4. I have a step daughter Tanya age 18, a son Dylan age 15, a daughter Alexis age 11 and a daughter Autumn age 2. I am looking forward to building relationships with other christian moms.
  2. First congrats on making the decision to become healthy before the baby. I also wanted to say if you ever want to talk I can relate. My husband and I are both on our second marriages and both had children from the first. I longed to have another child that was our own. We talked about it, knew someday it would happen but I was more in love with the idea than my husband. He knew that if God wanted us to have another child to love he would provide for us. Still after months of trying and many difficulties we resorted to a fertility specialist. Heart broken with the loss of 3 babies my husband was devastated as was I beyond anything I could have ever imagined. What I am trying to say is, God did bless us with a baby after 2 years of trying. We have our little Autumn who just turned 2. Our family has very challenging moments with our oldest being almost 18 and in between 15 and 11 yr old down to our youngest being 2. When I was pregnant my husband would joke about being in a wheelchair when our Autumn graduates high school. Starting over with a baby was an adjustment for us all but wasn't any where as hard as I had imagined. Every second of the day is a blessing from GOD! We will pray for you! I wish you much success in losing the weight you want to, something I need to work on. Packed on about 60 lbs since starting our fertility treatments and during pregnancy that I need to lose. Here with you!
  3. Hello everyone, I am excited to build some great christian friendships. I live in upstate NY with my amazing husband and our 4 children ranging in ages from 2 yrs old to 17 yrs old. Yes we have our hands full but love every minute of it.

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