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  1. Ya know, I got rid of the bottle for my daughter at 12 months and we simply just didn't give it to her again. My baby now is pretty addicted to her bottle, not sure if we will be able to do the same, but I hope to. I wish I had advice for you, I simply just never gave her one again... well, kind of, she had like 2 or 3 after that, but didn't even need them and didn't finish them. She never used it to go to sleep. A friend of mine weaned her daughter from nursing by giving her milk in a cup and snuggle on her lap for nap and bed time. Maybe you could put his water in a cup? I would explain to him that there are no more bottles too and make sure you put them all away. Those are my only suggestions. Sorry....
  2. My favorites are Lori Wick and Francine Rivers. I love the book Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. It is an awesome book!
  3. I have the book power of a praying wife. And have read it and pray the prayers. I just really wanted to know what you all thought. I love to hear others interpretation on things, cause honestly it is good to get fresh perspectives. Like the first post said it is your attitude more than your actions...... I liked that, but you know, doesn't your attitude cause your actions to be full of honor???? Just a thought I have. I love to discuss this kind of stuff. I truly love my husband and I am always looking for ways to improve our relationship. I am always looking for ways to improve me for him cause I love him so much. He is my best friend......
  4. I have been meditating on ways to honor my husband and stuff. And I was just wondering what all you do to honor your husband and what honoring him means to you?
  5. I have seen Third Day and I like them. When I saw them in concert, it was at a Acquire the Fire youth conference at the Pontiac Silverdome in Michigan. So there was no light show. But before that day I had thought Third Day was not what I saw that day. They were very worshipful. So therefore I have a lot of their cd's now.
  6. That is a good question. One I don't have an answer to. I would like to do the same thing, but meeting christians outside of church is really difficult. I suffer and have friendships with women who are not christians but are not swearing and smoking and stuff. My husband is in the Air Force, I really don't have a lot of choices.
  7. Hi Samantha, Welcome here! I understand what you mean about learning about submission and stuff. I have been a christian a long time and married for 5 years and I still don't completely get it. One thing I know, is you learn a lot by example. Going to a good church where you can meet other women will help a lot. Anyway..... glad to see you here. Take care.
  8. Well, it is a commandment in the New Testament not to judge unless you be judged. But I don't think talking about sin is judging someone else. I think christianity has become very leniant (sp) concerning sin. While I am not one who runs around preaching about sin and not sinning, I do think it is important that we remember what sin is and keep it out of our lives. My Pastor always said focus more of your attention on doing the dos rather than not doing the don'ts and you will find it is easy not to do the don'ts. Of course, he said it more eloquently, but I totally agree. I find that people don't do the dos enough. The more we read the Bible, the better our judgement is of ourselves. I do believe as christians our job is to encourage others to live right also. But that doesn't mean examining everything they do wrong in their lives. Anyway....... I can understand your frustration. I will check out that link also.
  9. Sleeping just got better at my house...... without crying it out. My 8 month old has had a really rough last 6 weeks with teething and getting sick and she had gotten to the point where she was wanting to be held and rocked all the time to get to sleep. Or she was wanting to sleep with us and while I am not really against co-sleeping, it just wasn't for me! I was getting quite frustrated with her. So...... I just decided she was no longer sleeping with me and if it took letting her cry it out (in a sense) I would let her. I am not all for letting them cry it out. I know most people say sometimes you have to let them, but I feel it can be cruel. Especially when I hear of parents letting them cry for hours. An hour is too long in my opinion. Anyway, not attacking anyone, just stating my opinion. So, I started out four nights ago, putting Grace in her bed, she went right to sleep, but woke up a couple hours later crying and upset. So I held her and she went back to sleep, then she laid on her tummy and slept all night long. Then every night since then, I have been giving her Mylicon gas drops right after her nightly bottle, cause she doens't burp for me anymore. And this has stopped the night waking so far. I am totally impressed. Anyway and she is going to bed good for us. No problems at all. This is exciting. The other new addition to her room is a humidifier. Just thought these things may help someone else if they were questioning how to get their babies to sleep good at night.
  10. A lot of churches I know actually have a Halelujah or harvest party the night of Halloween to provide a safe alternative to Halloween. In this day and age, it is hard to just take your kids trick or treating, not to be in fear or anything. I am just saying, I would not trust strangers with giving candy to my kids. Neighbors are fine to me, and family, and church members. Anyway...... I am not anti-halloween in any way except for the evil things that appear at that time.
  11. BlessHisName


    Hey Julie, Your name looks so familiar to me, I think I know what board you posted on.......... My username there was Mychristmasgift. I recently left there, sort of, I still lurk and post occassionally, but needed a break. This board is slow enough that I can take it as it comes. I like that. Anyway, just wanted to say hi! I am 27 (turning 28 in 12 days). My Dh and I have been married for 5 years and have one blessing, Gracie, and number 2 on the way.
  12. I tried to respond sooner, but my Dh deleted my reply before I was finished on accident. I was working really hard on it and was taking my time, plus my daughter kept interrupting. I want to mention that I don't think going behind your husband's back to watch him is a good thing. I think you should tell him you bought that program or not use it behind his back. That is just my personal opinion. I know a lot of people believe the best way to keep a man from cheating is accountability, giving them someone to be accountable to outside of you. While I am not a huge fan of hiding stuff from your spouse, I do think that the idea of having someone to keep you accountable is a good thing. Is your husband a christian? Does he feel that sexual sin is wrong? There are a ton of questions like this you should ask yourself before expecting him to be perfect right away. He has a lot that needs to change in his heart obviously and if he isn't open to allowing the Holy Spirit to change him then it may take a while. Pure will power isn't enough. The power sexual sin has over him actually has to be broken by the power of God in his life. I totally believe that God is able to take your bad situation and turn it around. He can turn your husband's heart and make it only long for you. Keep your heart turned towards God and allow Him to do the work. I think you will see big changes. God bless you.
  13. While my daughter is only 8 months old, in my babysitting days I found that at that age timeouts were difficult because they wouldn't sit there! LOL! So, with this one little girl I babysat for, we started doing 2 minute timeouts, it was so many minutes per her age, at that time she was about 2. Anyway, and what we did was, when she did something, I would make her sit on my lap for two minutes, cause it was the only way I could make her sit still. And at the end of the 2 minute time out, we would talk a bit about why she was there and then we would hug and kiss and then send her on her way. As for tantrums though, I am not sure that a time out in a chair or on your lap is the way to go. I am a believer in completely ignoring the tantrum, but to keep them safe, I would put them in the playpen or in their crib. This way they have freedom to do what they need without the dangers of anywhere else. And it gives you the freedom to walk away and ignore the child. In public, I think I would just leave, but of course, I am not dealing with this yet. Ok, I don't mean leave the child, I mean leave the public place, like the store or restaurant.
  14. Sadly I have shared my heart with my friend, but she doesn't understand at all. It is okay. I just learned to avoid sharing too much of me so I don't get hurt. Thanks so much for your reply.

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