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  1. I have recently found a blog online that I love, and it has given me inspiration to do some fulltime Rving someday. The blog is: www.happyjanssens.com I also link to The Happy Janssens on my blog, because their site is so amazing!!
  2. Hi everyone! I am new to this forum!! I work from home doing various things. I work for a realtor and do administrative work for her. I also have an etsy shop selling tutus for little girls. I am also working on a website hoping that over time it can generate some cash. I also have a job interview tomorrow for a seasonal job out of the home for World Vision. It has been three years since I've worked outside of the home on a regular basis, so I am nervous, but World Vision is such a good cause, I am also very excited. None of these small jobs don't bring in much income, but I cut costs everywhere I can so I can be home with my two small children!

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