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  1. I have no idea when the last time I visited here. Mom of 6..married 27 years. My ODS is now in the Air Force..he was born the year this group was began. Wow! My youngest is 11 with lots between and my oldest is 27. No grandbabies yet, but my oldest has Down syndrome and babies aren't in her near future. Anyway...HI!! Glad to be back
  2. I can't seem to find either! Hmmm, odd
  3. I am on FB and you will see me join you there! I have a hard time of forever forgiveness and I have a very cold heart when it comes to my marital expectations not being met. I definitely can use help!
  4. Our financial situation is desperate and I am trying to find children to babysit but we are really in a lousy location to acquire kids. I am tossing around other ideas. I honestly don't feel it is in my childrens best interest to leave them at home without me being present. I do have faith that God will and is taking care of our needs. I am desperately seeking what has gone wrong in our lives to see if that is why we have been presented with this tough time, but I know it is all in Gods control and I know if we walk the Godly walk and teach our children the same walk that we will eventually see stability. Thank you for the book suggestions. I, honestly have not been a believer in God for that many years. I had kept my eyes shut and my heart closed until about 6 years ago. I am still a baby in this walk, but that leaves me where I need to be, on my knees! He has made a huge difference in my life since I opened my heart and I am greatful for every second He allows me to serve him.
  5. Secondchance, thank you, it has actually helped me tremendously. I do feel very at peace having my children home and educating them here. I had a tremendous amount of discomfort and anxiety about taking then back to public school. I am going to pray more on it, not to question Him but to ask for clairity of thought and emotion. I know He will open my eyes with a clear vision. Thank you!!
  6. How do you know if it is Gods calling for your life or just your deep felt personal desire? I am homeschooling 2 of my children (ages 6 and 11) and will be formally schooling another of my children (4yo now) as of next year. We are in a bad financial situation as my husband has been out of work for 2 yrs. We have no $ in savings and his unemployment ran out long ago. He is unable to work as of date but there may be a time when he will work again. He has filed for disability but we have not heard back for final review date to even get a final decision. Sooo... I have been considering taking a job, I have worked before but left a rather successful career (which I disliked) to be a stay at home and eventually a homeschooling mom. I felt like it was the path I was suppose to be on. But with our financial issues as they are, I am of course thinking that I am going to have to send my children back to public school and take a job. I am upset by this, emotionally upset and do believe I would then harbor resentment towards myself as well as my hubby from taking me off the path I thought was the one I should have been on to this other path. My question is, how do I know if this was the path God wanted me to be on and how do I know that me going back to work full time and sending my kids back into the public pit is the wrong path? How do I know the feelings I am feeling are signs from God that it is the wrong thing to do and not my own created issues? I have prayed and this is where I am! God knows I am a hard headed creature and that He must be very in my face for me to "get it" but what if I am just missing Him standing there telling me exactly what I should be doing?? Feeling a bit lost!
  7. Hi!! So glad I jumped in and joined. I have been wanted to join a christian board for a bit now and finally remembered to find one! My name is Joede, I am mom to 6, 3 girls and 3 boys. I am looking to connect with people who are likeminded in God. I have questions about faith and homeschooling and life in general. So glad I found this board and am hoping one day I might be able to offer support to someone like me.

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