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  1. I was listening to creflo dollar speak on breaking this type of bondage, and others. He said if we pray to help us break this, our prayers are not going to do us any good in our battle. He said as a believer we have been given authority over dark powers. we have to change our old thinking, we are given power by god through christ to win our battle. I was reading the bible, some days I have authority over oreo cookies, and I work out, when my child is stressing me out I do have power, but then there are some days that are back to the old pit. I was reading the bible searching, for the solution for every day. A thought came into my mind to keep the oreo cookies with me even when I sleep, go every were with those cookies. god was showing me I have dominion over it, I just dont believe it all the time. I am free as of today, One day at a time. every day I have to keep saying scriptures of authority only. I say to this mountain of sugar, food that makes me sick, be casted out into the ocean and it obeyed me, through the power of christ living in me. christ is sitting in heavenly places I am sitting in him, he is above all dark powers they are all under his feet, through his blood sugar and bindge food is under my feet. Thank you god for giving me the power to slay my giant, not with my hand but yours that is living in me. so keep praying power prayers. not asking him to take away something he has given us the ability to kill through him living in us. his power is in us. amen.
  2. I think unless your financial situation is so desperate and there is no other option then I would get some type of work, even babysitting in your home, or a job at night or when your husband can watch your children. but if its not there yet, I believe because of your love for your job at home that is so important god will make this all work out, so you can stay home and continue your dreams. sometimes when the storm is beating down on us it is hard to be really feeling faithful and positive. I hope you buy joel osteens book on just hearing promises of faith on all uplifting scriptures. I use our pastors books on all types of trials in my life. joyce is great for learning how to live a christian walk, and so is charles stanely. and for healing I enjoy reading creflo dollars books he speaks on manifesting our desires in gods will of course. but when I am beat? joel osteen always delivers the words i need to get into my heart. god bless you-linda colleran

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