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    My Name is Amy Jacobs I am a wahm with 4 kiddos & a wife of a Chicago local #1 Iron Worker.


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    Illinois South of Chicago


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    Spending time with my family, Meeting POSITIVE people, Helping others find Freedom At Home.


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    Ameriplan® NSD/NT, Presidents Club Member, ibo since January 2004. If I can do it! You can do it! Call today 800-485-2018 For Details
  1. Hello out there!!!!!! Anyone there!!!!
  2. Hello great to meet you ~Amy
  3. or wants positive vibes I am available Wishing you all the best! ~Amy Jacobs
  4. Congrats on the new baby Aimee I have 4 kiddos myself 10,6,4 and 11 months.
  5. Its a very challenging and difficult work out routine but I am feeling stronger
  6. congrats to you and your hubby ~great to meet you ~Amy
  7. I wanted to drop in and say Hello! Its great to meet all of you! I hope to learn more about you all. ~Amy
  8. in my 3rd week of Insanity Plus I run 4 miles a day I love working out! Makes me feel amazing ~Amy
  9. I have been working form home since 2000 I left corporate America back in 2005 and have been home ever since my kiddos. I look forward to learning form all of you ~Amy
  10. My name is Amy Jacobs I am a WAHM with 4 kiddos. I am also married and love to exercise daily Its nice to meet all of you!

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