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    Christian mom and wife. I live in NC. I love to read my Bible daily especially with my husband. I also like to cuddle up to my daughter and read to her.


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    Harmony, NC


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    Reading, the Bible. going to Bible study, baking and cooking, relaxing, and snuggle time with my child.


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    Stay at Home Mom which is work enough.
  1. I am just wondering if someone can please explain to me what they think it means to be truely saved to where when you die you go to Heaven? I hear so many answers and I want to know what you believe. I will explain later why I am asking this.
  2. I don't know if my first post showed up or not. My child did something to mess it all up. So I appologize if you get this twice. I agree with your 100000000000000 %. Woman need to very modest especially when out in public. Its one thing in your own home but when you step out in the world you have to respect others around you. I get very uncomfortable when my husband and I are out somewhere and there is an attractive lady walking along dressed inappropriatly. Men are unfortuntaly men and they are going to look even if they disagree with how she is dressed. And how hurtful is that to us women. Todays society has women made out to be that way. We have to look a certain way and act a certain way to get any attention from a male. Look at Hollywood, the music industry, magazines, fashion, ect... All the woman are dress provocatively. And now are men are obsessed with this. Not all men but majority. And not my husband even though he has told me that he has to be very careful not to look. Those words kill me. Makes me so mad. To me and I am not saying this about every woman but the devil sure can disguise himself in a pretty yet revealing dress to make men stumble. He uses women to make this happen. I have lost my temper before infront of a lady one time. I was out with my mom and we were at a cell phone store and this lady came in with a maxi dress on. She had no bra on at all and her boobs were popping way out. Everytime she would bend over they would come out even more to where you could see her nipples. Of course everyone was looking. Some were like O My Goodness with their mouths wide open. And then you had some men who were just staring away. I said this is ridiculous that some people have the audacity to walk out in public with their boobs hanging out like that. I said she should be ashamed of herself making men stumble like that. My mom was like hushhhhhhh. I had to walk out of the store I was so mad. I know thats not christian like at all but I was so angry and actually I am getting very sick to death of it. Everywhere you go its porn all over the place. There needs to be a sign in store windows that say No Shoes, No shirts, No cracks, or cleavages allowed. Just wanted to share this too... Thank you for posting.
  3. Also for someone my time is not coming up correctly with what time it is here. Does anyone know how to change that?
  4. New Mom saying hey from NC. Looking to make new "Christians Friends".

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