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  1. I do not believe that a step-parent should spank. That is the responsibility of the natural parent. I spank my own kids on the bare bottom,but only for very serious offenses.
  2. I only use spanking for very serious offenses. But when it happens, it is always bare bottom, always hard, and always resultant in tears and hollers.
  3. I am against all paddling in schools. It is a parent's decision and a parent's job. When I was little, I went to paddling schools. Girls were paddled soemwhat lightly. Boys got their bottoms destroyed, some badly enough to have to go to the ER
  4. Only for serious offenses. Normal offenses are dealt with by time outs and loss of fun. For real crimes- ie, stealing, vandalizing, bullying other kids, being cruel to others on purpose, and so on, the rule is-one lick for every year of age, bare bottom, lying on the tummy, willow switch or wiffle ball bat. Depending on the level on contrition and repentence, there will be grounding or a second spanking after the bottom is healed completely from the first. I do not consider this abuse, because my stepfather would whip me with a whip.

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