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  1. I am trying to help spread the word about these Christian PC games. Please take a look, download one for free, and tell me what you think. I believe this is a great concept but they are having difficulty letting people know they even exist...so, please, take a few minutes and help spread the word if you like good, clean, wholesome entertainment for your family. It's about time we have this option! http://www.inspiredgames.com/?sc=52
  2. I am a teacher and I am a Christian mom of 2. I am constantly trying to find wholesome activities/games for my children and ran across a company called Inspired Media Entertainment. They produce Christian PC video games that inspire learning and growing. To make a long story short, I have taken it upon my self to help the company spread the word of their games. They are actually offering a free game download right now and I encourage you to try it out and spread the word yourself. The game my 4 year old loves is Charlie Church Mouse 3D Bible Adventures:) Take a look:) http://www.inspiredgames.com/?sc=52

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