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  1. My husband and I hope to have our first child in the next couple years or sooner. We have already discussed many times in length about me staying home for a couple years versus going back to work. My heart desires to stay home especially while children are small but husband is pretty clear on wanting me to go back to work. Husbands income is more than mine but mine is a good supplemental income plus I get great, affordable family health insurance through my job only. Husband wants me to resume full time work even after children. It's killing me. We do not live extravagantly however we do have a decent home although again its nothing fancy (which I dont need). We live within our means, don't drive expensive cars, don't go shopping for unnecessary things much, etc. so it's not like we want or expect some super lifestyle. everything however is costly in our state (new jersey). All the moms at church seem to stay home and I feel such pressure that if I don't or can't stay home, I will be viewed as less of a mom or less of a Christian woman than most. I'm really struggling with this. Does anyone have any feedback on this? I feel like I won't fit into the typical Christian mom stereotype and it's really affecting me negatively.

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