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    Married 17 years to my wonderful husband. Elementary Teaching degree. Taught until my first was born. Worked from home or part-time while raising kids. After my kids were in public school for 4 years my husband and I felt God calling us to homeschool. Just finished 2nd year of homeschooling kids. Not always easy, but worth every moment.


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    NW Indiana


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    Spending time with family, hiking, White Sox baseball; nonfiction books, dark chocolate!


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    Wife, Mother of 2, Homeschool Teacher
  1. I'm so excited to have found a site to share thoughts, stories, and questions with other Christian moms!
  2. I understand your dilemma. 12 years ago I was working full time and pregnant with our first child. I wanted to stay home for a while when the baby was born. God did direct our family to take that journey. Everyone's journey is different though. I found that while I worked outside the home I had pressure from stay-at-home moms. When I stayed home full-time I had several working moms tell me I was wasting my degree and I really wasn't providing for my children's future. I say this to mean that no matter what road you take you will find people who will stand by your side and others who will belittle you or question your beliefs. Keep your focus on God and He will always direct your path. Please don't let other stay-at-home moms or working moms influence your decision. It is a decision that you and your husband have to pray about and decide together. Follow God's lead. If your husband is against you staying home and you can't come to an agreement, try getting a trusted Christian friend or counselor to talk it through with both of you. God bless you on your journey...whatever it may be:)

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