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    Wife ... 34 years
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  1. I am asking a special request for my daughter's fiance. I ask because right now he is in jail and tomorrow he has his hearing ... My daughter is worried too that it's going to be a very long time before she see's him again ... 5 years possibly so I am asking that you do keep this young man in prayer ... I will be back Friday with a update as tomorrow is going to be a long day for us ... so thanks for hearing my special prayer.
  2. My name is Summer Rose. I am new to the group here as of today. I am looking for some good Christian Woman that I can call on to be there for me when I am needing to share something with ... so I am praying that I have found that home here ... A bit about me ... * Married - 34 years this year in April * 3 Adult Children - 1 married male { 30 years old }, 1 single male { 28 years old }, 1 engaged daughter { 24 in September } * Looking for some new friends * From Ohio and have lived here for 33 years Want to know more ... just ask or request me !!

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