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  1. Tommy Wheeler- 18 mo old son-Sean, Iraq (3rd infantry)
  2. massey97

    Abortion, part 2

    I have never had an abortion, but I wated to thank you for what you are wanting to do. My husband and I are both VERY Pro-Life and often take some heat for it. I do some vol. work for our local Crisis Pregnancy Ctr. and it really does make a difference in the girls that come into the center. Many of the girls come to salvation through the center. I am very excited to hear what you are doing and I will pray for your work.
  3. I've heard so much about being a flylady that I just joined!!! What a great site.
  4. God does answer prayers in his time...not ours. It is a tough lesson to learn(believe me, I know). Continue to pray for this man. Pray that God will work in his life and that he will help this man be a good father to your daughter. I will keep you in my prayers.
  5. Just keep praying for her. I have had this happen even with old friends who refuse to grow up. Everything is okay as long as you don't bring up church or Jesus. I always pray that God will work in their lives and use me as a tool if it is his will.
  6. I know exactly how you feel. I too am not a very patient person. When I don't see immediate results, I get discouraged and usually give up. I cut cokes out of my diet about 6 weeks ago and have lost 4 pounds just from that. I still don't drink enough water, but a lot of tea. I am about to change to decaf tea. Also, make sure you're taking vitamins everyday. I am amazed at the added energy I have when taking vitamins. It is tough starting a workout routine, but stick with it. It gets easier.
  7. I think my favorite is Dr. James Dobson.
  8. massey97


    I just want to encourage everyone to get out and vote. I know so many people that don't plan to vote because this is not a presidential elaction. This election is so important. This will determine control over the House and Senate. This really is an election that will depend on voter turnout. Sorry, don't mean to preach, but just stressing the importance.
  9. I agree with Kristine. I do not like war and it is very scary, but Sadam is a powerful man and I am much more afraid of what could happen if we wait several more years.
  10. I know what you're going through. My second son (Hayden) is 9 months and he follows me around and cries and hangs on to my pants while I'm doing dishes, laundry or cooking. It helps sometimes to me to put him at his highchair with toys or some crackers while I am cooking and doing dishes. I know I look stupid, but I make faces and get him laughing or play peekaboo. I also have a jealous 2 yr old, but I make time just for Hayden to just hold him. Hayden doesn't get held as much as Noah did, so we have time during the day face-to-face time. Hope this helps.
  11. massey97


    My 2 yr old doesn't even know who Santa is. I decorate for Christmas and use mostly snowmen and Christian decorations. He's never asked who he was, but when he does we will tell him the truth. My husband and I give the kids unwrapped gifts and stockings but they know it is from us. We choose an angel of the Salvation Army tree at the mall that are about the same ages as the kids and will get them involved in picking out gifts. When we have a little extra $$ my husband and I try to buy for a senior citizen. We can't wait till the kids are old enough to serve in the community at the holidays. We plan to serve at soup kitchens we the kids are a little bigger. It is very important to us that the kids understand that Christmas is not about Santa or gimmie, gimmie, gimme. I enjoy giving to the kids but want them to also give to others.
  12. Right now we are trying to work with my 2 1/2 yr old. I sit him on the potty and read him books. He'll actually sit there a while when I am reading. I keep several of his favorite books in the bathroom cabinet. So not only is he getting used to sitting there, but I am also feeding his brain=)
  13. massey97


    We've been posting our thought s on Halloween so I started thinking about Santa. How do you teach your children that Christmas is not about Santa, but about the birth of Christ??
  14. I need help. My 2 1/2 year old doesn't know how to share. His little brother is 8 months and is crawling and curious. Noah takes everything away from him and says "No Hayden. Mine". Until recently all the toys were his. He doesn't have many playdates at home, but he goes to daycare once a week and they say he's fine sharing there. I've tried to sit him down and talk about sharing, but I just don't think he gets it. Any ideas??
  15. Right now my kids don't even really know anything about Halloween. Last year I took Noah, my 2yr old, to our church carnival, but it was packed and he just got stepped on by bigger kids. I don't think we'll do anything this year. We are about to move out in the country and next year I think we'll start a tradition of making a campfire and roasting marshmallows and hot dogs. My dad has a 4-wheeler and my husband and I can't wait to take the boys on mini hayrides. And if the boys want to dress up I'll let them.

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