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  1. ok. just recently i for some reason i got curious about why people don't believe in Jesus. i just couldn't see how they don't. well sure enough i walked right into a battle i was not prepared for. i was reading judaism and honstely some points that were made, made sense but of course i just didn't want to fathom that Jesus isn't who He is. so i had talked to people and searched Gods word more then ever before. and honestly since i had gotten confused it cause me to doubt. but i didn't want to believe it. well praise God i've gotten through and i had my battle with satan. i know where my heart is. but now i can't help but to feel like God doesn't forgive me becuause i doubted His son. i mean it was more a thought that went through my head but the fact that i for a moment considered it. well it breaks my heart. i went through this in a week but it felt like years. basically i just need advice. why do i feel like i'm not forgiven? has anyone ever been through this? can you not be forgiven after coming to know Christ and at some point doubt Him?
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  3. hello. i'm new to this site and i have some questions. I have been struggling for quite some time with having true peace in my heart. i study and i pray all the time. i know there is more to it then that. for a while i sometimes wonder if im truly saved and you'll see why if you keep reading. i would find assurance in God's word but then other things that i would read in His word confused me and i sort of used to lose that assurance. but of course now i know i'm saved. my life that i live proves it. and sometimes i do feel that peace especially when i'm in His word. Someone had the reason behind that it was most likely because of ingnorance of His word. that made sense to me. I was never raised in church and when i gave my heart to God there was automatically some changes in my life but there was also a lot to learn. another thing that has gotten me is in James. it talks about faith without works. i guess i don't understand what works are exactly. i mean my life shows fruits of the Spirit and i know for a fact that i all by myself could not have made the changes to heart that have been made. i know my flesh doesn't want to be kind to people who aren't kind to me. and i know that God's Spirit in me wants to be and has taught me how to be that way also. like i said. i couldnt do it without God. i can feel Him working in me. but when i get to that scripture and a couple others related to that, i'm like what? because i have faith and my morals have changed soo much. but in my opinion i'm not sure if i have any works. i've got 2 children. i'm always taking care of them. but the only things i do is go to church. take care of my boys, and run errands, and every now and then visit family. I know i feel my heart wanting to go out and help others. I feel it's always reaching. so i'm also wondering is my faith not strong enough, is that why i feel so confused and helpless. just me asking that upsets me. is it because i don't fellowship with others outside of church, is that why i don't always feel that peace that i'm safe? or because i haven't yet gone out and brought someone to God, is that why? and because i havent experienced the joy of truly helping others who are in need of food or clothes or of just love and compassion that God has and is sharing with me? or am i not letting God just have complete control and i'm still trying to do this myself and think that God is in control. i know it's a lot and so many questions. i'm just at that point to where it's all built up in me and sometimes like i said i feel like yes i've finally got it but then for some reason it doesn't stay. i know there is a reason why this is happening to me. God always has a purpose. maybe He will send one of yall to speak to me what he wants me to hear. all i know is God has a plan. oh and i also wonder why do i sometimes doubt when God's word keeps popping out assurances at me that i am? if you knew who i was before and who i am now after i gave my life to God there's evidence everywhere.

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