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  1. vbergerman, I just realized where you are from -there are tons of Christian radio stations in California-not to mention many Christian concerts (Im jealous) You might just want to see what stations you have. The Air1 that I mention is stationed in 20 - 25 cities in California. ...also I looked up KLove and they have even more listed! Their website is http://www.klove.com. Hope this helps. God bless you and yours!
  2. I am suprised no one mentions JEREMY CAMP. He is my favorite and very popular here for young and old. His website is http://www.jeremycamp.com. He has a great biography! I have never heard of K-Love, but another online radio station you could listen to is http://www.air1.com-that is all I listen to and they have stations all over the world. You may be suprised-they may have one by you! Beachballad-I listened to Amy Grant all the time while growing up. Every once in a while I hear an oldie-that brings great childhood memories. I am proud of her for staying with the Lord after all she had been through. Regardless of what happened she and Vince Gill seem well grounded and living for God as well. It all seems so long ago now.
  3. Amy Knapp's Family Organizer (18 month weekly planner for MOM's) After becoming a mom, I bought a daytimer to keep track of all the classes, church activities, birthdays, things to do, etc... then I ran into this organizer..... This planner can be purchased at Walmart for (I think) $9.97 or you can get it at other stores like Target, several book stores or their website http://www.thefamilyorganizer.com. I was just recommending this to my sister-in-law, when I thought this would be something of interest to all of you. (she loves it-by the way). What is special about it to me is that it has a 1/3 of the page for groceries (and on the other side where it plans your meals for the week). That part is perforated so you can take it shopping with you. Also it has a "to do" page and on the other side the week's calendar. You can see its format online. Anyways, if you like to be organized and try to manage your time wisely, this is an affordable way to keep things in order. It definitely has helped me-I feel lost without it!
  4. Thanks! Thanks to you both for your advice and personal thoughts. It is looking like my husband did not get the job. He is very discouraged, as again a door was closed. I did have a heart to heart talk with him which helped us both tremendously. Wonka2...Thank you so much for your testimony. After reading your post, I knew that I just needed to be supportive-and when it is meant to happen-it will. I have really been praying for a peace about it. I know that God has a plan and His timing is everything. It was encouraging to know the outcome of your situation. When I read your post-I thought "you are right!"...it will all come together one way or another. I think just hearing the words from someone who had been there made me breathe a little easier, instead of stressing myself out. Thank you-really you have no idea how much you helped. Laurie, as always, thank you for your words of encouragement. I don't even know you, but I know that your posts have touched me in so many ways. God Bless you both! Carissa
  5. To make a long story short, my husband moved here (from Phoenix to Las Vegas) to be with me. Shortly after, we were married and had Hannah. Within the last 4 years, he has been unhappy with his job that he originally got when he moved here (I’ve been a SAHM). He has continuously looked for jobs in Phoenix with hopes to move all of us back there. He feels it is a better place to raise Hannah, which I can say it probably is. While my whole family lives here, and I have lived here my whole life, I am seeking what is God’s will for us. He has no family there. We have had a rollercoaster ride of interviews over the last few years that did not work out, forking out the money for the trip, taking time off of work, etc. Now we have a beautiful new house (close to a lot of family), a great new church, etc, etc. A couple of days ago he had another interview there, which he feels went real well. I have prayed for answers as to where we are supposed to be for years now. Also I have tried to be a supporting wife, as his intentions are good. I recently asked him if he were to be turned down for this job, would he continue looking? He replied that he would. I did not address this issue due to not knowing "this times" outcome, but I seriously cannot stand this emotional rollercoaster anymore. While I am fine living here, I feel I have been open to a new start as well. Each time there is an interview comes the stress of selling a house, finding a new one, explaining to my family, how everything is gonna work as far as living situations, etc…etc….I could go on and on….While it is high hopes for him-it is excruciating for me. I have stopped telling people when this comes up-because they think he’s crazy to keep doing this to himself, us, and them. My mom is devistated every single time I have to tell her-I wouldn’t have even told her this time but he was going to be gone for most of mother’s day. Where is the line? Is there a line? Are we going to still be doing this 4 more years down the road??? Is it wrong for me to not want to pursue this move any longer if things don’t work out this time? It is easy for me to give this up-as I am happy here. I truly am praying for God’s will-a door opened or closed. But is it ever going to close for him? While I am a seasoned Christian and he is a new Christian, I know that you cannot force God’s hand with what YOU WANT. The way I see it each time that my husband is shot down is that God is saying to him-you are where I want you to be for now and we are here for a reason. I know this is something he has to learn-but how long is that gonna take???? I want to be the supporting wife, and not the bitter one. What am I supposed to do? Please help me. My relationship with my husband means so much and I want to do what is right and not be crazy emotionable about it. I just want to know where we are supposed to live, to have a settled life, and for my husband (as well as myself and daughter) to be happy. Tired and frustrated.
  6. Good advice! Laurie and Wonka2.... Although your advice was for the first posted, I appreciate your encouragement and your words of advice. I have for a while now, been struggling with some relationship changes between myself and my 3 best friends. We have been friends for 10-plus years...however they are not Christians and live very different lives than mine. One of them has a daughter the same age as mine. Her priorities are completely different. She works full time, while the little one is at daycare, drops the daughter off at grandma's often every weekend (for her own time). They continuously give me a hard time why I do not do the same (on the weekends)-and hang out with them. They know that my life is completely different now and that the Lord is #1 priority for my family, but they still continue to wonder why I dont go out more often. Im simply not interested. I would rather be with my husband and daughter than a night on the town anyday. Anyways, my reason for posting is that I know that I am ready to move on from this and your encouragement is what I needed. It is sad to walk away, and I have been conflicted as to how they fit into my life. They don't anymore. While I may continue to ask them to church and keep in phone contact, I know that our "season" is up and time to move forward. Thanks again. Carissa
  7. Thanks for the ideas! Donna and Dot....thanks for the tips. I really did take those to heart over the weekend. We went out for dinner (with no diapers on-with panties and clothes in a baggie) and we had our first experience on a public potty! I do think she is recognizing alot better when she needs to go. It used to throw her off when she had shorts on-but now she has caught on to that. I stuck to your ideas about no diapers at bedtime -over the weekend. It has worked!!! Last night was her first night she got up to use the bathroom and then went back to bed. So obviously she is getting it! Im not a big fan of the pull-ups...they just seem like overpriced diapers to me. Kimberly, wow! Thanks for the great list of ideas! Im sure that will be helpful to alot of people. I did get her the Dora potty seat as well. I think that did help when we had to use the "big" potty. She loves it -by the way. Your idea of the Diaper throwing party or the diaper fairy sounds great. We will be doing that. All of your ideas are great. Thanks to all of you for the advice and encouragement! Carissa
  8. Welcome Kimberly! You have been heavy on my heart since I read your post yesterday. I had a sleepless night due to my daughter waking me up several times....in between times I was thinking and praying for YOU! While alot of people think that staying at home is easy....it truly is NOT! I can definitely relate to your up and down days and the continued loneliness you feel. I have always worked and felt a sense of self worth by doing it. Now I stay home with 2 1/2 year old Hannah and she is the one who appreciates me (in ways sometimes not so pleasant). It was NOT an easy transition for me either. I also can relate to your not clicking with church or playgroup mom's as well. I have found that even though you dont have much in common-you still need the interaction. I host a playgroup right now with my neighbor and my cousin (and their kids), and the conversation is sometimes hard, but I feel that God put them there for a reason (my neighbor is not a Christian). I can only hope that she truly sees something different in me that one day she will want. I have talked several times about the Lord and what he has done in my life....and I know that she is listening. Anyways, my point was that just because you dont "click" with someone doesnt mean that you cant interact with them---mabey your friendship will lead to a very close one. Most friendships dont just happen-they are built. I know that your walls are up due to your past experiences---but go in not expecting anything-you may be suprised. I have had a depressing week and decided to do a "me" time night. The church has a Wednesday night -once a month two hour worship time. My husband watched the little one. It really was so great to have my alone time with the Lord and the worship was amazing. It changed my week and how I treated my daughter too. I neglect the "me" time--all the time. I cant even remember the last time I did it, but I can tell you one thing is that I will committ to that one time a month-for sure. Another thing that works for me is when I get in these "down" weeks, is that you know that you need to change something in your ruitine. It could simply be when the kids take naps (if they still do) to do something for yourself....do your nails? I know that you are down and struggling, but look -you already are encouraging us (Laurie). That is what it is all about! I am continuing to pray for you and your family. You really are not alone...I think that all us SAHMs struggle with feeling lonely and unappreciated-some find it easier than others. It is what we do with that that matters. Thank God we have Him to help us through it. I wouldnt want to try without HIM. I hope that I have helped. God bless you Sister! Have a great day and weekend! Carissa
  9. Hurray!!! Alright Girls! I had to pull this one out of the archives! ha ha Han is a few days shy of 2 1/2 (it has been about 8 months since I last posted this) and FINALLY she has decided she is a big girl and wants to go potty in the potty!!! Woohoo!!! I did try all of your suggestions. I tried EVERYTHING (reading potty books, toy rewards, sticker charts, M&Ms, etc), and after I gave up for yet another week of not trying-----she did it completely on her own. I am sooo proud!!! QUESTIONS for the experienced.... how do I transition her to going out of the house? This is our second week and I wanted her to get used to it. What are your suggestions? I did take her to the grocery store in panties and she had an accident. 2nd Question: What do I do about nighttime? I put her in diapers before bedtime. She has had accidents the two times I left her in panties. Is this something way down the road I need to worry about? Or do I need to work on this now??? Anyways, hurray for Hannah in all her "big girlness"! Now on to the next hurdle....
  10. Scrapbooking? Not too familiar with the necklace, etc... but what about a scrapbook basket? Instead of doing one for someone to "start scrapbooking" (because they might not like that sort of thing), you could do one to where they could make a small scrapbook gift for grandparents, parents, etc.... small book, scissors, paper, stickers, tape or glue stick, pens....??? Just my suggestion as I am a scrapbooker!
  11. Hi Nikki! I would imagine it would be tough to move so often and meet new people each time. Thanks for putting yourself out there! It is true that God is in control of where you are now...(mabey you will find your way at Nellis. he he) I bet Japan was a wonderful experience. That is one thing about being in the AirForce-is that you get to see parts of the world most people dont have the chance to see. ....by the way my husband is originally from Austin, TX. I saw that you are teaching the Abeka program...I learned that program when I was in Christian School way back in the day. For my Junior and Senior year I went to public school....I was ahead in many areas-thanks to that program. (anyways, that is my quick input on that) Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for the Private Message. Oh yeah, and I love to cook as well....mabey we can exchange recipes! Carissa
  12. Welcome! Welcome Nikki! Where are you from in Texas? Is your husband military? Just curious from your post.... Glad you found us. I hope that this site blesses you! Carissa
  13. Oh my gosh Laurie....I have goosebumps! Thank you so much for trusting us with your wonderful news. I read your email about adopting....and I am happy that your are ready again. Truly I am praying for you ....as you have been such a huge example to giving God the glory through tough times. Thank you for staying with us and being such a big example of trusting in our Lord. Your testimony is amazing. God bless your family.... Carissa
  14. Bkeind.....I would think that that you would definitely not be alone in this. It seems you are really seaching for answers right now. Have you talked to him about how this all makes you feel? I had heard Dr. Phil say something that stuck with me....he talked to a couple that made it through (30?) so many years and he asked them what their secret was. They said that they never fell out of love at the same time. Sometimes we need to carry the load for the other that is not strong enough. Seek the Lord to the HIGHEST....he WILL hear your prayers. If he is a strong Christian-he is being convicted more than you know. Are you "church involved" other than just Sundays? I think that the more involved you get....the more answers from God (for BOTH of you) are given. Im not sure if it is possible, but have you tried just visiting your pastor together. If he is willing, as I said before.....get FULLY involved. He IS being convicted.....the more convictions.....the closer he is to being delivered. Thank God for such a great dedicated praying wife. I am so praying for you. I mean it.
  15. With all due respect, I dont believe we can judge anyone who has gone through something sooo painful when we do not know how we would react to something so awful happening to our loved ones. I feel if we are not emotionally involved, it is easy for us to see the outside picture....but I could never imagine the pain that they are going through. Also, just because someone has a cross on their wall doesn't mean anything. I know of alot of people who have crosses on the wall or even go to church every Sunday....but if you aren't walking the walk none of that means much. I can see your point of seeing this person as owning up to his crime which I fully respect him for that. I hope that he truly has found the Lord, because Jesus is the one that will take care of him through this. I also respect the parents as their daughter was murdered....what an awful thing to endure. Someone that does such a horrible crime must pay for what they have done....no matter who they are. He is someone's son, just as it could be our own. My husband is also the one that says..."youll have to fish me out of jail". Personally I hope that we never know that pain of either family, but if I do I pray that God helps us through and helps us forgive.

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