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  1. Harvest Festival We got to the Harvest Festival at our church. It's so much fun for the kids. They just love to play the games and have a better time at church than they would trick or treating. Shawnee
  2. Pray I know it's rough. My husband worked at a job to support our family where he got nothing but criticism. The boss made him work harder and degraded him more. He even commented on my husband's weight and told him that when he got injured if he wasn't so "overweight"(which he isn't). My husband was so drained. Family time was rough. I don't drive so we even had trouble making appointments,etc. I prayed and asked God and asked my friends here online to pray. God gave us a breakthrough beyond our imaginations. We had to move which wasn't in our plans but my husband now smiles, spends time with our five children, laughs with me, we talk again. He even found us a church to attend here in Kansas. I mean it's amazing what the Lord is doing. Jobs are draining when men don't get the respect or enjoy what they do. I will add your family to my prayer list. I know God has a breakthrough just like he had for us. Be Blessed! Shawnee
  3. We just started this year. So far so good But I am having trouble finding a good structured circulum that I like. So I am just doing bits and pieces of things for now. The boys really like it and learn a lot from homeschooling. I have seen Karsten doing very well as compared to when he went to school. Any ideas for homeschooling children in Kindergarten and 1st grade? Shawnee
  4. Thank you For sharing this with us. That is one of my favorite verses in the Bible that I hold onto every day. I will be in prayer for you. God wants to richly bless you and your family. Be Blessed! Shawnee
  5. Welcome Hi Tina, I'm Shawnee mom to five boys but mine are little. I'm sorry to hear about your husband. This is a great place to start and we are so glad to have you here. Be Blessed! Shawnee
  6. Great site Thank you for sharing your great site with us. You have a great site full of information. Something I really needed. Thank you and Welcome! Shawnee
  7. Praise the Lord I'm so glad everything is okay. God is truly watching over you and your family. Thank you for sharing your praise report with us. Hugs, Shawnee
  8. Re: Fear Factor My husband likes this show but I just can't stomach it. I have let the kids see somethings but other things I pull them out of the room for. They are little and dont understand and I don't want them grossed out. But to me it's amazing what people will do for money. It's sad. Shawnee
  9. Hi everyone, I have a question our family is moving again. My husband is in the hotel industry and just accepted a promotion. (We just moved a week ago from Tulsa, Ok to Oklahoma City and now we are going to Kansas. The boys are having a hard time adjusting and their behavior is reflecting this. They are worried about making friends, finding things to do etc. And I just don't know what to say. I'm going to a place where I don't know anyone and It will be totally us trusting God. Any advice. Maguire is out of sync because of all this moving and Karsten has attitude issues about it and he's only 6 but I'm trying to understand and also support my husband in his career. Shawnee
  10. http://Http://www.familysource.net A site for all things family. It has financial tips, budgeting advice, homemaking ideas, and so much more. Plus the latest interviews, entertainment news from a family standpoint. Come check us out. Shawnee
  11. Nice to have you here Welcome! I'm Shawnee a SAHM to five little boys all under the age of 6. Nice to meet you! You'll love it here! Be Blessed! Shawnee
  12. I'm so glad you posted I understand your situation a little too well. My husband is in the hotel industry (management) and we have had to move more than the average family. In a year we have moved from Buffalo, NY to Oklahoma and moved once again. It's not been easy. I feel isolated at times as our family is back in Buffalo. I understand the resentment you are feeling because I have thought those thoughts and said probably a lot of what you have said or haven't said. But I have learned a lot through all of this. I have learned to trust God in all things. God has used moving and all of these new things for me as a learning experience. I have grew up more in Christ this past year than I did in 3 years of living in Buffalo. Study the scripture and quote scripture. But remember to give thanks for your husband. He has a job, he's providing for your family, he's doing what he feels the Lord has called him to do. Be a support to him in all things. (That isn't easy either) but If you need support or encouragement this is one of the best places on the net to come to. Be Blessed! Shawnee
  13. I'm glad i'm not the only one. When we go to church people look at Maguire like he is a fruit loop. I feel so bad and sometimes really out of place. I try to tell people how to handle him but not all leaders are equipped to understand him. I'm praying in our new town we find a good church where people will understand him and allow us to go to church more often. Shawnee
  14. Thank you I have read the first one but I just received the second. The book of ideas was very helpful. Thank you for suggesting it. I am going to try the activities in there. It's amazing because one day he was fine and today he's off again. This is a disorder that baffles me. Like the other day he was almost "normal" today he is chewing his toothbrush, drooling like crazy, bouncing off the walls, and playing in shaving cream. Go figure. Shawnee
  15. Thank you I will definitely have to try that. I agree with you the Lord never gives us anymore than we can handle. That's what I said every time one of our guys was born. They are such a blessing. Thank you for your suggestion on Maguire. Hugs, Shawnee

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