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  1. Ani


    Is drinking alcohol a sin? I know Christians who are totally against alcohol, and others who do drink. We asked our pastor, and he just told us that he doesn't care for it, and to follow our own convictions. I grew up with my mother telling me that alcohol is "of the devil". My husband's family think it's OK once in awhile. I would just like to know how other Christians feel about it.
  2. Ani

    Spacing of Children

    I think it's good to have children close together. My closest sibling above me is 12 years, and below me is 5. Needless to say, I'm not close to any of them. I was more of an only child. My husband and his sisters are only a few years apart, but it makes for a much closer connection. Some "experts" will say that sibling rivalry is less when children are spaced 3-5 years apart. I don't agree at all. I live in a historic town. I remember when most streets were not paved. Talking with the older people of the community, they all feel that their children were more connected being spaced closely. I also think having a lot of kids is good. The Bible refers to children as blessings. I think of families who have only one or two children. When they get older, and they meet for holidays, there are only a few of them. No excitement, not so much joy. Just quiet and cold. Of course I come from a traditional Hispanic background, where everyone is loud and boistrous and joyful and giving. You'd have to see the movie Fools Rush In to better understand the Hispanic Family.
  3. Is the goal to get to heaven, or to love God with all my heart?
  4. I'm a little late finding this, but I'd really like to poat anyway. I had both my children naturally- no medication. I really don't think that medication is good for a baby. With an epidural, the baby often comes out so groggy that their apgar score is low. Then, there are the mother's side effects- headache, backache, etc. Well, what goes into your body goes into the baby as well, so that poor little baby probably suffers, too. My dad is a chiropractor, and he said that he sees so many women with chronic backpain, and for most of them, it's epidural related. Anyway, enough of that. With my first birth, I was in labor 18 hours, 11 "hard-labor". I son forgot the pain, and was anxious to have another baby. That birth was 4 hours. Yeah, it was like 18 hours of pain squished into 4 hours. With my last pregnancy (it never progressed) I was so terrified of that pain again, so I ordered 3 books, two which I'll tell about. The first is SUPERNATURAL CHILDBIRTH, by Jackie Mize. It tells about how 1 tim 2:15 says, "Notwithstanding, she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety." This woman tells her story of how she stood in faith with God and had PAIN FREE deliveries three times. Even if you are not expecting, this book is a really good faith-builder. The second is THE BIRTH BOOK, by Dr. Sears and Martha Sears. This book helps a woman understand her body and during labor, work with her body rather than against it to help labor progress with minimal pain. Well, after losing a baby four months ago, my husband and I are ready to get pregnant again. So, I pulled out my pregnancy and birth books, and I am no longer afraid of having another drug-free birth! I am reading THE BIRTH BOOK now, and I am so confident and excited that I am going to have my next baby at home. I hope someone will read these books, too.
  5. God showed me something and I want to share it. Often I have sang "The Joy of the Lord is my Strength." And I pray, "OK, God, fill me with your joy so that I can be strong." But I realize now, that it's not joy FROM the Lord, it's joy IN the Lord. Joy that no matter what goes wrong, or what we do, God loves us. Joy knowing that as we go through hard times, God is there with us. Joy in the beauty that God has created all around us. As I have been grieving a miscarriage, I have remembered that God has not forsaken me. He still loves me. He did not take my baby to make me suffer. He knows and sees what I don't, and His judgment is supreme. He simply did what had to be done, and in the future, He will bless us with another baby. The only true, deep joy that I have had in these days is the Joy that God has not forsaken me, and in that Joy, I have found strength! The Joy of the Lord (loving me) is my Strength.
  6. Ani


    Yesterday, I went to the doctor, and just as I was about to leave she asked me if my backache was getting better or worse. I told her it seemed to be worse. She decided to poke around my back and belly and it hurt alot! Turns out I have a kidney infection on top of everything else. My doctor mentioned that sometimes a kidney infection can cause a miscarriage, but that it had been too long (that the baby was dead). When I got home, I was poking around the same areas that she had, and I realized my abdomen has been hurting like this for two or thre months now. I have just been concluding that I was constipated! If only I had known... Well, God has His ways of doing things, and I still believe that He knows what is better for us than we do. At least I have some answers now, and I am not afraid to get pregnant again when I feel God says it is time. I want to share my finding, though so that maybe another woman can save the life of her baby.
  7. Ani

    Baby Waking

    One thing I've learned is that when a baby is teething, sleep schedules gets all mixed up. My son- he's 21 months- loves to sleep. He giggles when we lay him down. But when he's teething, he won't go to sleep unless I hold him. I just remind myself (and my husband) that as soon as the teething spell is over, he'll be back to his usual routine. Now, my daughter on the other hand...She's a strong-willed-child!!! She's also our oldest, so naturally we made mistakes with her. She would only nurse to sleep. I could only put her down when she was dead-out. AND she would still wake up as much as five or six times a night! What a tired and grumpy mommy I was with her! She's 3-and-a-half and she still wakes up most nights wanting a glass of milk. So what have I learned? Grin and bear it. You may be tired and agitated now, but she will soon outgrow this stage and a new one will begin. There is a country song that tells about when your children are grown and the house is silent. It make you realize that all the trouble you go through to raise your kids is all worht it in the end. One more thing to mention. I am in the process of miscarrying our third baby. The baby has been dead for a month now, and I am sadly just waiting for it's liitle body to emerge. Going through this really helps me to see that no matter how difficult times are with your children, enjoy them, because you never know when they will be gone. I have been through so much stress trying to find a midwife to deliver this baby. Now, I don't need to worry about that anymore; but I would so much rather have that stress than lose my precious little one. And to think I was worried about the pain of labor!
  8. Ani


    I just found out today that the baby I am carring has been dead for about 4 weeks. This is so hard to deal with. I have a three year old daughter, and a 21 month old son. My daughter has been so excited about a new baby. I'm having a hard time telling her what happened. We already had names picked out- Athalia for a girl, it means the Lord is exhalted; and Elijah for a boy, it means the Lord is my God. We don't know if it was a boy or a girl, but we feel Elijah is an appropriate name, because Elijah in the Bible was taken up to be with the Lord. I feel sorrow for the loss of this baby that we alread loved, but I am holding out so well know that God has a plan for everything. The Bible says, "All things work for the good of those who love the Lord." Our pastor told us that the baby fulfilled God's will, whatever that might have been. God has a purpose for all things. Our baby's mission was just shorter that most people's. There is so much comfort knowing that God still loves us. Besides, our baby is with Jesus. What better place to be!?!?! My view on life is so different now. My top priority is to play with our children. Other things can wait. Who knows how long our children are to be with us? We need to enjoy them all we can while we have them here with us. Dr. Kevin Leman said on his show this week that if you want to put things into perspective, imagine that you only have 6 months to live. How would you live life? That is the view that we should have for our lives all the time. That is how we are to place our priorities. How true is that? Life is so fragile, appreciate it, and thank God for each breath of life you take, your husband takes, and your children take, bcause we will never know when God's true plan for us has been fulfilled.
  9. Try some local hotels. Most have meeting rooms, some are very pricey, but others have real good deals. Ask them their policy on bringing in food and what food services they have to offer. If you want to cut costs, you should plan the party between meals, so that all you need to serve is cake, icecream, drinks and maybe some other desserts. I was planning to have a party like this, but my family and my husband's family don't get along. So, we took her to the zoo instead. She loved it, and I didn't have any stress.
  10. Oh, thank goodness I am not the only one!!! My mother- and father-in-law do not know what unconditional love is. They only speak to us when we are "behaving." I don't know what they said to my husband on his birthday, but they ruined the day for all of us. That had been the second most difficult day of our marriage. Well, since that day in February, they hadn't spoken to us, except to ask for a payment we are making for them. It's kind of strange, but I laugh so as not to get upset. The day I went to take the money to her, I was going to be late picking up my daughter from preschool. She's only three. I didn't go in to my mil's house, because I didn't want my daughter to be waiting alone at school. It's scary for a three-year-old to feel she was forgotten. Well, a month later, I found out that the reason she isn't speaking to me is because I "didn't come in." Oh, brother! What did she want me to do? Have cookies and coffee while my daughter feels abandoned! Every time I think of my mil, I pray that God gives me the heart of Ruth. Maybe if I fast and throw ashes on myself?!?!?!? (LOL)
  11. Ani


    Pro-Life means against abortion, Pro-choice is a gentle euphemism for a woman who believes that it is her body and her choice to decide to end her baby's life.
  12. Ani

    Abortion, part 2

    I recently read the book- Atonement Child by Francine Rivers. It was life-changing!! I discovered that there are many Christian women who have had an abortion or several abortions. It has haunted women their whole lives. I am in the process of opening a Crises Pregnancy Center in my community. It would really help me out if I could do a poll to show pastors that there are Christian women out there who coose abortion because they feel there was no other option. Would you please, vote? Your identity doesn't matter to me. What does matter is that God uses me to reach out to hurting women in this world that God created. If you have had an abortion, and whether or not anyone knows, there is healing for you. If you want, I can talk with you privately. My e-mail address is aja@taosnet.com
  13. Ani


    I was shocked to discover that some/most churches are pro-choice (pro-abortion). I am interested to find out how many Christian Moms are pro-choice or pro-life.
  14. WOW! It's great to see women who want lots of children. There are so many scriptures that refer to having lots of children as a blessing. The first time I wanted to be a mommy, I was 7 years old. My daughter beat me! She is three and she says, "God is making me grow up, so I can get married and have a baby in my heart." She thinks babies come out of our hearts. I have two children, so far. Celeste is 3, and Joseph is 16 months. I'm ready for more, but my husband wants to wait a little longer. I have been praying to have twins. I would like a boy and a girl. God says if we obey Him, He will give us the desires of our heart. People criticize and tell me, your going to be like a mother cat with so many babies. The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but he that seeks counsel is wise! (Pr. 12:15) What better counsel than God's living Word!! Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children to a man in his youth. Happy is the man whose quver is full of them!!(Ps. 127:4-5)
  15. I can empathize with you totally. First I will tell you my situation , so you will know that you are not alone. I got married in the middle of college. I have never liked college. I went because that is what everyone said I should do. One of the truest teachings I have ever heard was about how you should raise up you children in the way each should go. I learned how each person is different, and God has a special plan for each one. His plan isn't always what parents want for their children. God doesn't plan for everyone to go to college. I believe that since I was very young God had planned for me to be a wife and mother. I was in the National Guard for awhile. My dad was so thrilled about that. When I got married, I gave all that up. It was(is) difficult for me to give up the military. I loved it, but my husband doesn't feel that a woman's place is in the military. Wow! God started teaching me the first week of my marriage about submission. The hardest (it makes me want to scream) part about being married is submitting to my husband. I keep reminding myslef that the Bible says to do all things as unto the Lord. So, I need to submit to him as though I was submitting to God. When we first got married, four and a half years ago, we lived right next door to my mom and dad. When you mentioned that you live by your parents and are planning to live by his parents, it senta big red warning flag. The smartest, best thing we have done for our marriage is get our own land, away from our parents. They can visit us as much as they want and we visit them often, too. The whole idea it that you and your husband become joined together. The Bible never said for us to merge with our parents and become one. When we got our own home, our marriage became so much stronger. We still live only a four minute drive from both families (in this small town, they all live on the other sides of town). Marriage and parenting are each by themselves difficult. My marriage is still so new, there is still so much maturing I have to do. Yet, when I look back I see how much I have grown and matured, it really encourages me, because I can see that God is slowly making me into the Proverbs 31 woman. That is continuously my prayer. I want to be the woman God made me to be. I want my husband to praise me and my children to called me blessed. That is God's plan for me. Pray that God shows you what HE has planned for you. Don't listen to what other people say, except for your husband, because "the head of every woman is man" (1 Co. 11:3). If it is so heavy on your heart to be home with your daughter, pray for God to make a way for you to be home with her. Nothing is impossible for God (Lk 1:37). It has taken 26 years & four years of my marriage for God to reveal His plan for me. Look how long it took for Sarah and Abraham to conceive Isaac. It was many, many years after God told Abraham he would be a Father, before Sarah conceived. Psalm 46:10- "Be still and know that I am God!" If you need a friend to talk to, my e-mail address is aja@taosnet.com

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