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  1. I am also new here, and hope to see this site grow a community of Christian women to share life with.
  2. I tried going back and didn't last 2 months when my kids were young. Neither did my husband, he was begging me to quit! If you do go back its not always better life, it means he will also have more burden to share. We had more income but not a quality life. I did end up staying home until they were in high school. If I could do it over, I would have homeschooled, and then if I went to work send them to a Christian private school. The public schools pollute the educational material with sexual and leftist political agendas, including English, and teachers don't use the online tools so they can keep it from parents until after they've already shown your kid their agenda. Administrations only serve to protect the teachers. I ended up pulling them out of highschool English and doing online courses for those anyways. They health class the teacher wouldn't even put together a scope and sequence or list her resources, and when I asked her for it, she sent home a textbook she later said at parent teacher conferences she doesn't even use.

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