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  1. No matter what, your son will face temptations, we all do as we go through this life in our sinful flesh. Is he saved? If so, he is likely dealing with a weakness to resist this certain temptation. If he is saved i would bring up the fact that i found the content and tell him what the bible speaks about lusting. I would teach him that what he finds on the internet does not even compare to real life sex when you are married in love, and that those images/videos can really hurt a real marriage in that area, that those things are skewing his views of what he thinks it should be like once he becomes married one day.
  2. Hi ladies! I am excited to have found this group as i just left facebook for various reasons, and i will miss most the christian wives/moms group i was a part of on there! Facebook was becoming a little too invasive in my life! Editing to add; I am a stay at home mom of 5, ~my oldest is 9yo and my youngest is 5 weeks old! I homeschool my two oldest at the moment! My husband is an over the road truck driver so i do much of the raising of the kids by myself.

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