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  1. Hello Ladies, I am just so shocked, I have no idea what to do. Recently, my 15 year old son had a friend of his over, and I walked in on them kissing. I've always raised my boy to respect God's word, so I am beyond shocked by this type of behavior under my roof. He says he is "gay" now and refuses to accept any help overcoming his sin. I talked to my the priest after church, and recommended a program that has helped boys in similar situations, but its just not something I can afford at the moment. I just feel so inadequate as a mother that I can't provide what my boy needs. I can't help but think he's feeling this way because he hasn't had a father figure in his life, I've had to raise him on my own. Has any other mom been through anything like this? I've been praying hard for guidance, but I just don't know what to do. -Patty

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